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Teachers help to shape the lives of children. It is unfortunate that teachers often struggle when it comes to finding quality, yet affordable, materials. Whether it is for remediation or enrichment, since 1999, edHelper has been a facilitator in providing quality instructional materials that will challenge and reward kids with knowledge and success.

The standards-based activities on edHelper are created in No Prep PDF format, with an emphasis on supporting learning and fortifying concepts. Review skills practice and a mix of puzzles and brainteasers are important tools for enhancing materials and curriculum already present in the classroom to guarantee an improved learning experience.

This is the reason that edHelper has long been known among educators as the premier homework site for teachers! And edHelper continues to improve and grow with the help of teachers, contributors, and the educational community, maintaining its reputation as a reliable means for promoting learning.


Who We Are

EdHelper, Inc. is here for one reason: to help teachers find the best resources for the classroom and to support teachers' curriculum. Our resources are used by thousands of schools and school districts.

Founder Story

In 1999, Russell Frey created a website to share useful math worksheets and fun reading comprehensions, and also to make it easy for teachers to build puzzles. It gave teachers who normally spent their own money on workbooks and boring worksheets, an opportunity to find new creative puzzles and resources for their students.

Culture and EdHelper, Inc. Today

EdHelper, Inc, is a successful educational company and well-known among teachers. Experienced teachers review everything that is posted to edHelper to ensure the highest standards are reached. Our team includes graphic designers, proofreaders, technical staff, and teachers.

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