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Preschool Activity Books - New One Each Time!
             Make a mixed preschool activity book
(customize your book according to age and abilities)

Daily Practice Pages
Daily Practice Pages

Writing Readiness

Prewriting Skills

Motor Skills

Early Childhood Education and Preschool Skills

Letters and Alphabet




Preschool Math

Mix of Early Childhood Printables

Hidden Pictures



Telling Time

Same and Different

Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Animal Classes:   Books Personalized for Your Class

     Preschool Bears - JK Bears - Kindergarten Bears
Preschool Bees - JK Bees - Kindergarten Bees
Preschool Ducks - JK Ducks - Kindergarten Ducks
Preschool Frogs - JK Frogs - Kindergarten Frogs
Preschool Iguanas - JK Iguanas - Kindergarten Iguanas
Preschool Kangaroos - JK Kangaroos - Kindergarten Kangaroos
Preschool Lions - JK Lions - Kindergarten Lions
Preschool Monkeys - JK Monkeys - Kindergarten Monkeys
Preschool Owls - JK Owls - Kindergarten Owls
Preschool Pandas - JK Pandas - Kindergarten Pandas
Preschool Penguins - JK Penguins - Kindergarten Penguins
Preschool Rabbits - JK Rabbits - Kindergarten Rabbits
Preschool Spiders - JK Spiders - Kindergarten Spiders
Preschool Squirrels - JK Squirrels - Kindergarten Squirrels
Preschool Tigers - JK Tigers - Kindergarten Tigers
Preschool Turtles - JK Turtles - Kindergarten Turtles

Leveled Reading Books
          Leveled Reading Books

Butterfly Leveled Reader Book:  Gavin Takes Class Stuffed Animal Home

        Gavin Takes Bear Home
Gavin Takes Bee Home
Gavin Takes Duck Home
Gavin Takes Frog Home
Gavin Takes Iguana Home
Gavin Takes Kangaroo Home
Gavin Takes Lion Home
Gavin Takes Monkey Home
Gavin Takes Owl Home
Gavin Takes Panda Home
Gavin Takes Penguin Home
Gavin Takes Rabbit Home
Gavin Takes Spider Home
Gavin Takes Squirrel Home
Gavin Takes Tiger Home
Gavin Takes Turtle Home

Basic Learning Word Groups
             Basic Learning Word Groups

Cut and Paste
             Cut and Paste

             Patterns - Worksheets and Printables

Advanced Early Childhood Preschool Skills

Dolch Sight Words

First Dot to Dots

             First Dot to Dots - Dot to Dots for Primary School Kids: Easy Numbers and Letters

Number Lines
             Number Lines

             Counting Printables

Calendar Skills:  Practice Writing a Calendar Each Month
          Calendar Skills:  Complete the Calendar

Comparing Numbers
   Comparing Numbers

Teaching Kids Their Phone Number

    Teaching Kids Their Phone Number

First Word Searches

    First Word Searches
(easy one line word searches)


Shape Mazes
             Shape Mazes

Left and Right
    Left and Right

Copying Patterns
    Copying Patterns

What do kids learn in preschool?

Quality preschool experiences are vital for lifetime learning. To lay the foundation on which to build skills later, preschoolers should be engaged in the brainwork of attempting to read and write. Copying letters, learning vocabulary, counting, matching, deciding on length and width, and naming how many are some of the important contributing activities to a solid learning base. By implementing this versatile array of lessons based on the latest educational recommendations, such as cut and paste printables, bulletin board activities, leveled readers, dot to dots, and monthly themed activities, your students will be on the path to future success.