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Preschool and Early Childhood Education
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Early Childhood
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Alphabet and Letter Units

Basic Units



Dot 2 Dots


Hidden Pictures





Phonics Worksheets

Preschool and Kindergarten Math


Sight Words

Help with Folding: Bulletin Board
            "Be a Fantastic Folder" Bulletin Board

Use Cups to Make Imaginary Creatures
            Creature Cup Creations

Use Cups to Make Little Animals
            Critter Cup Creations

Read Clues and Circle the Correct Picture
            Clues: Circle the Correct Picture
            Clues: Circle the Correct Picture (more difficult)
            Kid Clues "Pets"
            Kid Clues "Seasons"
            Clue Activities
            Clue Activities Book #2

Play Puppets
            Play Puppets
            Puppet Playhouse

Preschool Activity Books - New One Each Time!
             Make a mixed preschool activity book
(customize your book according to age and abilities)

Making Cupcakes Activity
            Cory's Cupcake Company

Drawing a Picture from Parts
            Drawing Grid
            Drawing Grid 2
            Drawing Grid 3

What is it?
            What Is It? Animal Mystery Book

Same and Different
            Same Different Pages
            Same Different Pages (book #2)

            Behavior Buttons

Growth Chart
            Tall Tail (A Growth Chart)

            Stranger Safety

Mailbox Bulletin Board and Activity
            "Mailbox Messages" Bulletin Board

Make Teams in Class for an Activity
            Team Tags

Draw the Picture
            Draw the Picture


            Matching Puzzles

Word Wallets
            Word Wallets

Show and Tell
            Show and Tell Poster

Pencil Skills
            Pencil Skills
            Pencil Skills 2

            Farm Folding
            Folding Puzzles

Parade Bulletin Board
            Paste a Parade

            Trace A Face
            Tracing Puzzles

Cutting and Pasting
            Cut and Paste: Boy
            Cut and Paste: Dog
            Cut and Paste: Flower
            Cut and Paste: Girl
            Cut and Paste: Monkey
            Cut and Paste: Tree
            Cut Paste Pictures
            Cut and Paste the Pictures in Their Place
            A Set of Seasons
            Confident Cutter
            Paste on Parts

            Pasta Patterns
            My Pattern Pal

Fill-In Book
          Use this reproducible over and over
Pages for math, spelling, vocabulary, and letters/numbers

Playground Hidden Picture Activity
            Point To It Playground

Sequencing Skills
            Altered Aliens (a Sequencing Adventure)

            "Oodles of Opposites" - Opposites Activity Page
            Opposite Activities Book #2
            Opposite Activities
            Ping-Pong Play
            Opposite Puzzles

            Birthday Puzzles

            Parachute Packages

Teddy Bears
            Teddy Bear Talk
            Teddy Bear Talk
            Teddy Bear Activities

            Animal Alphabet
             Hibernation and Migration Mini Book
             Spiders Mini Book
             Dress a Bear
             Penguin Pal and Paper
            Critters That Hatch From Eggs
            Animals That Hatch From Eggs
            Whose Eggs?
            About Sheep

       Dino Alphabet (1 of 2)

Dino Alphabet (2 of 2)

Ice Cream
             Ice Cream Activity Book
Ice Cream Read and Colors
             Ice Cream
             Sally Sees the Ice Cream Man
             Bob's Ice Cream Cone

             Pond Mini Book
             Pond Activity Book

             Playground Activity Book
             Playground Mini Book
             Park Activity Book
             Picnic Activity Book
             Mini Book - At the Playground (PDF file)
             Mini Book - Jim Goes to the Playground (PDF file)
             Mini Book - Toys at the Playground (PDF file)

             Mini Book - At Our Preschool (PDF file)
             Mini Book - Bobby Goes to Preschool (PDF file)
             Mini Book - At Preschool (PDF file)

             Airport Mini Book
Airport Read and Colors
             At The Airport
             Jimmy's First Plane Ride

             Baseball Activity Book

The Market
             Market Mini Book
The Market Read and Colors
             At the Market
             Sam Goes to the Market
             In The Market

Amusement Park
             Amusement Park Mini Book

            Ponder the Picture: Circus
             Circus Mini Book


             Farm Mini Book

Post Office
             Post Office Mini Book
             Mini Book - Four trips to the Post Office (PDF file)
             Mini Book - At the Post Office (PDF file)
             Mini Book - Jenny Gets a Package at the Post Office (PDF file)

            Looks Like The Letter...
            ABC Flashcards
            Make an Alphabet Train
            Linking Lizards
             Trace and Place

Letter Puzzles
            The Letters A,B, and C
            The Letters D,E, and F
            The Letters G, H, and I
            The Letters J, K, and L
            The Letters M, N, and O
            The Letters P, Q, and R
            The Letters S, T, and U
            The Letters V, W, X, Y, and Z

             Zoo Mini Book

Things That Come in Threes
            Things That Come in Threes
            The Three of Us
            Things That Come in Threes
            There Were Three

            The Hair Salon
            Hannah Visits the Hair Salon

            Mystery Name Game

Quick Reading
            A Heart With Hiccups
            Best Buddies
            Mother Goose
             At The Orchard
             Our Fake Friend
             Show And Tell
            Tina, Tad, and Tony

Make a Robot - Activity
            Build A 'Bot

Following Directions
            Mark The Mouse That...

Matching Activity
            Turn Over Turtles

Learning About Locations and Postitions
            Monster In The Middle (Learning Locations)
            Performing Pandas

Ken's Kendama Collection
            Ken's Kendama Collection

Teddy Bear Art
            Bear By... (Teddy Bear Art)

Teddy Pretend Play
            A Teddy Store Sale - Pretend Play

Learn Numbers to 10
            Sub Search For Numbers
            Sandal Sets

Pinwheel Craft
            Pinwheel Craft

Alphabet Crafts
            Alphabet Crafts IJ
            Alphabet Crafts KL
            Alphabet Crafts MN
            Alphabet Crafts AB
            Alphabet Crafts CD
            Alphabet Crafts EF
            Alphabet Crafts GH

Alphabet Matching Game
            Alphabet Sports Puzzle
            Alphabet Snowman Puzzle
            Alphabet Matching Game

Counting 1 to 20
            Counting Clams

Sequence Puzzles
            Sequence Puzzles

Dinosaur Activity Book
            Dinosaur Activities

Beginning Letter
            Beginning Letter

Scissor Skills
            Monster Matching

Alphabet Book
            Looks Like The Letter... (Lowercase)

            Student Monthly Mouse Calendar Book

Germs Bulletin Board
            "Defense Against Germs" Bulletin Board

More Read and Color Books
            Flip The Farm Animals (Horizontally)~Learn about Horizontal
            Flip The Jungle Animals (Vertically)~Learn about Vertical

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