PreK-3 Themes
Printable Puzzles

Hidden Pictures Printables
Find the Hidden Objects

Ponder the Pictures
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Hidden Pictures Printables

Pretzel Prank

Find the Feathers

Fall Football

Ryan's Report

Shannon Shops

Snow Day Delight

Boots and Suits

Hidden Hats

Keishas Kwanzaa

A Groggy Groundhog

Sweet Tweet

Thanksgiving hidden pictures (more challenging)

Fall Findings

Polar, puzzle & hat puzzle

Silly Sights of December

February Themes Puzzle

Silly Sights of January

Silly Sights of March

March Themes Puzzle

April Themes Puzzle

Silly Sights of April

Fun Fantasies About April

May Theme Puzzle

June Theme Puzzle

Silly Sights of May

Fun Fantasies About May

July Themes Puzzle

Fun Fantasies About July

Silly Sights of July

Silly Sights of June

Fun Fantasies About June

August Themes Puzzle

Fun Fantasies About August

Silly Sights of August

Silly Sights of September

Fun Fantasies About September

September Themes Puzzle

October Themes Puzzle

Silly Sights of October

Fun Fantasies About October

November Themes Puzzle

Silly Sights of November

Fun Fantasies About November

Silly Sights of December

Fun Fantasies About December

Silly Sights of January

Fun Fantasies About January

Silly Sights of February

Find the Hidden Shapes (black and white)

Find the Hidden Shapes (color)

Fun Fantasies About February

Fun Fantasies About March

Hidden Pictures: Hidden Emotions

Hidden Pictures: Seasons - Winter & Spring

Hidden Signs of Fall

Ponder the Picture: New Year's Eve

Ponder the Picture: Mammals Flying Kites

April Ponder: The Butterfly Garden

June Ponder: Flag Day on the Farm

Ponder the Picture - Mystery May in Mexico

Spring Hidden Pictures

Spring Hidden Pictures: Solutions

July Ponder the Picture: Independence Day under the Sea

Ponder the Picture: Creatures of the Tropical Rain Forest

Community Helpers - Hidden Pictures

Fall - Hidden Pictures

Hidden Pictures

Farm - Hidden Pictures

Oceans - Hidden Pictures

Music - Hidden Pictures

4th of July - Hidden Pictures

The Beach - Hidden Pictures

Sand Castles Hidden Pictures

Father's Day - Hidden Pictures

July Hidden Puzzle

July Hidden Puzzle

Hidden Pictures

June Hidden Puzzle

April Hidden Puzzle

April Hidden Puzzle

Hidden Pictures

Martin Luther King Day - Hidden Pictures

Winter - Hidden Pictures

Flowers - Hidden Pictures

St. Patrick's Day - Hidden Pictures

Valentine's Day - Hidden Pictures

Hundred Days - Hidden Pictures

Handwriting Worksheets
Handwriting Worksheets

Sight Words
   Dolch Sight Words Unit

Pre-Primer Sight Words Unit

Primer Sight Words Unit

1st Grade Sight Words Unit

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