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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Skills Worksheets

Prepare your students for future challenges by strengthening their reading comprehension! The benefits will impact every student's life-awareness of scientific breakthroughs and global events; improved writing; entertainment. These engaging units are designed to sharpen reading strategies with thought-provoking activities such as graphic organizers, reading booklets, fill-ins, multiple choice exercises, creative expression, mixed reviews, and more. Give your students an edge with these no prep units!
Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading Comprehension Skills


Author's Purpose

Cause and Effect

Compare and Contrast

Context Clues

Drawing Conclusions

Facts and Opinions


Idioms - Figurative Language


Literary Elements

Main Character and Characters

Main Idea

Making Connections

Multiple Meaning Words



Point of View



Similes and Metaphors


Supporting Facts

Reading Comprehension Skills Review Worksheets
Reading Comprehension Mixed Skills Review (mix of all materials in this unit)

Graphic Organizers

     Examples of Graphic Organizers for Teachers     Graphic Organizers

Figurative Language
   Figurative Language

Compare and Contrast

             Compare and Contrast