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Cause and Effect Worksheets

Why are waves crashing on the beach? What will happen if it rains? This unit provides a variety of options for elementary to high school students to hone this important reading skill. Even daily life experiences depend on understanding cause and effect. Let your students imagine causes and effects for different situations! Engage students with graphic organizers for mapping out causes and effects. Matching exercises and reading materials are provided along with the capability to create reading comprehension books for your students.
Cause and Effect Worksheets

Cause and Effect
     Matching: Match the cause with its effect (causes on left; effects on right)
     Matching: Match the effect with its cause (effects on left; causes on right)
     Write the cause and effect for each sentence (fill-ins)
     Write a possible effect for each cause (fill-in)
     Write a possible cause for each effect (fill-in)
     Write a positive effect for each cause
     Write a negative effect for each cause
     Write one positive and one negative effect for each cause
     Cause and effect reading comprehension questions

Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers

1 cause/1 effect

1 cause/3 effects

2 causes/1 effect

Reading Book with Cause and Effect Questions

          Reading Book with Cause and Effect Questions

Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading Comprehension Skills


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