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Among the important tools students need to get the most out of what they read is inference, otherwise known as reading between the lines. This unit, which can be tailored to any level, elementary through high school, offers reading comprehension books, mysteries, and 5 W's and H riddles. Guide your students through the process of putting together their personal experiences with new information to make inferences.

     Inferences: How?
     Inferences: What?
     Inferences: When?
     Inferences: Where?
     Inferences: Who?
     Inferences: Why?
     Inferences: Mix of questions
     Longer inferences with more questions
     Drawing Conclusions

Reading Book with Inference Questions

          Reading Book with Inference Questions

Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading Comprehension Skills


Author's Purpose

Cause and Effect

Compare and Contrast

Context Clues

Drawing Conclusions

Facts and Opinions


Idioms - Figurative Language

Literary Elements

Main Character and Characters

Main Idea

Making Connections

Multiple Meaning Words



Point of View



Similes and Metaphors


Supporting Facts

Figurative Language
   Figurative Language

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