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Reading Comprehension

Main Idea Worksheets

It isn't theme. It isn't purpose. The key to reading comprehension is grasping the main idea. Having this "inside information" is the boost students need to wade through difficult vocabulary and content. Students will build strength in this area with these no prep workbooks that includes both locating and supplying main ideas and supporting details in stories and nonfiction paragraphs. Interesting reading comprehension books at all levels are part of this unit. Graphic organizers add a visual component.

Main Idea
     Read the paragraph and select the main idea (multiple choice)
     Read the paragraph and write a main idea (blank fill-in)
     Underline the details that support the main idea (the main idea and paragraph are given)
     Write the main idea (fill-in) and also underline the details that support the main idea
     Write the topic, the main idea, and two details that support the main idea.

Reading Comprehension - Skills Review
     Reading Comprehension Mixed Skills Review

Reading Book with Main Idea Questions

          Reading Book with Main Idea Questions

Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading Comprehension Skills


Author's Purpose

Cause and Effect

Compare and Contrast

Context Clues

Drawing Conclusions

Facts and Opinions


Idioms - Figurative Language


Literary Elements

Main Character and Characters

Making Connections

Multiple Meaning Words



Point of View



Similes and Metaphors


Supporting Facts

Figurative Language
   Figurative Language

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