Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings

Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings
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     challenging words:    hands-on, prosperous, guild, apostle, headband, better, directly, assignment, fond, excellence, fashion, candlelight, provides, lord, thoughts, film
     content words:    Last Supper, Mona Lisa, Louvre Museum

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Leonardo da Vinci's Paintings
By Sharon Fabian

1     Leonardo didn't have the opportunities that some young men of his time had. He wasn't destined to become a prince, a lord, or a rich merchant. Yet, he found a way to make a good and prosperous life for himself. At a young age, Leonardo became an apprentice in the art studio of Verrocchio. There, Leonardo gained hands-on experience, not just with painting, but also with sculpting and engineering. Leonardo tried to learn as much as he could and do his best at each assignment that he was given.
2     A film about Leonardo shows him at practice painting something as simple as a piece of draped fabric. He practices it over and over, changing only the location of the candlelight that shines on the fabric for each painting. He is figuring out just how to paint areas of light and shadow.
3     Leonardo did become an expert at nearly everything he tried in Verrocchio's studio. Soon, he was achieving beyond what his master Verrocchio had ever achieved. There is a painting of Verrocchio's with a beautiful little angel in the corner. The angel's expressive face and bright, lively hair make her stand out from the rest of the figures in the painting. The little angel, it turns out, was painted by Leonardo. It was a sign of things to come.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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