Art Nouveau - The Noodle Style

Art Nouveau - The Noodle Style
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     challenging words:    glassware, jewelry, lampshades, lasted, noodle, phrase, unforgettable, artists, artwork, kinds, style, waves, fancy, means, noodles, know
     content words:    Art Nouveau, Pablo Picasso, Louis Comfort Tiffany

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Art Nouveau - The Noodle Style
By Colleen Messina

1     Did you know that there was an art style that was named after noodles? Art Nouveau artwork had many curls in it, just like some kinds of pasta. This unforgettable, curly style was nicknamed the noodle style.
2     These artists did not want to do things in the old way. They wanted new designs. They loved curves. They wanted to imitate nature, like the patterns of leaves or the curves of ocean waves. They did not put many shadows in their work. This made their artwork look flat. Many of them used fancy birds, dragons, and even insects as subjects for their paintings. Pablo Picasso did some of his paintings in this style.

Paragraphs 3 to 4:
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