Caitlyn's Class

Caitlyn's Class
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     challenging words:    mother, doing, kinds, math, sounded, sounds, another, anyone, back, chair, class, door, ever, everywhere, front, girl
     content words:    Caitlyn Nolan, And Mrs

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Caitlyn's Class
By Kathleen W. Redman

1     Caitlyn and her mother walked up to the front door. Caitlyn looked all around. There were other girls and boys everywhere! Caitlyn did not know any of them.
2     "Come on, Caitlyn," her mother said. "It's time for class."
3     Caitlyn was just a little bit afraid.
4     "Mom, I don't like this school. I don't know anyone. Can we please go back to Ireland? I liked my school there," she said.
5     "Now, Caitlyn," her mother said, "you know we are living here now. We will go back to Ireland to visit. This is our home, though."
6     Caitlyn and her mother walked into the office. Caitlyn held her mother's hand very tightly.
7     "Good morning," someone said. "May I help you?"
8     Caitlyn looked up. There was the biggest man she had ever seen. Now she was really scared.
9     "Yes," her mother said. "I am Mrs. Nolan and this is my daughter, Caitlyn. She will be coming to school here."
10     "It is good to meet both of you. I am Mr. Middleton. I am the principal."

Paragraphs 11 to 37:
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