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Inventors and Inventions
Henry Ford

Henry Ford
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     challenging words:    subsistence, suppliers, anti-Semitism, emergence, tracts, wage, innovate, better, mines, manufacturers, unsuccessful, distrust, analyze, sales, production, costs
     content words:    United States, William Ford, Henry Ford, Young Henry, Detroit Edison Company, Detroit Automobile Company, Ford Motor Company, River Rouge, General Motors, World War One

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Henry Ford
By Mary L. Bushong

1     When Lincoln was president, most of the people in the United States lived on farms. This was also true of the William Ford family near Dearborn, Michigan. Who would have thought that a Michigan farm boy named Henry Ford would so revolutionize industry that it would change American society?
2     Young Henry was born on July 30, 1863, and was one of eight children. In those days, large families were necessary as the workforce of a farm. When he wasn't laboring in the fields, he attended a small, one-room schoolhouse. He loved mechanical things, especially clocks, and would repair them for free just for the opportunity to study the workings.
3     When he was 16, Henry left home and walked to Detroit. There he apprenticed himself to a mechanic for three years before moving on to work in an engine shop. By 1884, he returned home to work a farm given to him by his father. He married and appeared to be happy, but after two years, he was back in Detroit with his wife and son. His work at the Detroit Edison Company as a night engineer left him free during the day to work on his own version of the automobile in the shed behind his home.
4     In 1899, after building several different cars, Henry helped organize the Detroit Automobile Company, which later became known as Cadillac. The other partners wanted to build cars for rich people, but Henry disagreed and left.

Paragraphs 5 to 13:
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