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Alexis, Austin, Jennifer, and Noah each went to the grocery store and bought a number (6, 4, 8, and 7) of some type of plant (potatoes, bunches of celery, heads of lettuce, and peas). They each only bought one type of plant, however they differed in how much they bought.

They carried the items that they bought to class.

What did each person bring to class?

1.    Someone brought in seven potatoes.

2.    Noah said that his items come from the stem of a plant.

3.    Austin said that his items come from the leaf of a plant.

4.    Jennifer said that the edible part of her items are the seeds.

5.    Alexis' items are not fruit.

6.    Austin brought in the least number of items.

7.    Someone brought in eight bunches of celery.