Read and Color Books
Read and Color Books

Careers in Science
Careers in Science theme unit




Caring for Earth
Caring for Earth theme unit

             Care for and Clean Up Our Earth

             Earth Day Ponder the Picture Puzzle

             John Muir: The Father of Our National Park System

             I Can Make a Difference

             The Three R's

             Earth Day

             Make Earth Feel Better

             Teddy Recycles

             Kacie Composts

             Squirmy Earthworms

Dinosaurs theme unit

             Ten of the Biggest Dinosaurs That Ever Lived

             Tyrant Lizard King: The T-Rex

             Some Dinosaurs

             Dinosaurs Came in Many Shapes! (October)

             Dinosaurs (mini book)

             Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?

             Five Mighty Dinosaurs


             Cretaceous Dinosaurs Coloring Book

             Triassic Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Earth theme unit

             The Earth's Crust

             Islands of Ice: Icebergs

Earthquakes theme unit

             Ten of America's Worst Disasters

             Rumble, Tumble... Earthquake!

             The Earth's Crust

Life Science
Life Science theme unit

             What Are Living Things?

Light theme unit

             Mystery in the Sky

             Lessons About Light

Matter theme unit

             What Is Matter?

Natural Disasters
Natural Disasters theme unit

             Ten of America's Worst Disasters

             Stormy Weather: Natural Disasters

Plants theme unit


             The Tulip's Secret

             Parts of a Plant

             What Is a Fruit?

             What Fruit?

             The Cactus

             Mysterious Flower

Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals theme unit


Science Process Skills
Science Process Skills theme unit

             The Scientific Method

Simple Machines
Simple Machines theme unit

             Simple Machines

Solar System
Solar System theme unit

             Our Solar System, the Family of the Sun

             The Night Sky

             Moon Walking

Sound theme unit

             The Sounds of Things that Go!

Volcanoes theme unit

             What Is a Volcano?

Water theme unit

             The Water Cycle

             The Water Cycle

             Islands of Ice: Icebergs

Weather theme unit

             If I Were the Weather

             Weather Words

             The Weatherman


             The Wind

             Mystery in the Sky

Circulatory System
Circulatory System theme unit

             ‘Round and ‘Round it Goes: The Circulatory System

Digestive System
Digestive System theme unit

             Down the Hatch: Your Digestive System

Disabilities theme unit

             Jenna Uses a Wheelchair

             Chris Can't Hear

             Disabilities Theme: A Special Dog

             Buddy, the First American Seeing Eye Dog

             A Very Special Child: Down Syndrome

Excretory System
Excretory System theme unit

             Poison Protection: The Excretory System

Hygiene theme unit

             Germ Warfare

             Treasure Your Teeth

Illnesses theme unit

             It's Wise to Immunize

Medical Tools
Medical Tools theme unit

             First Aid Kits: Where Does It Hurt?

Miscellaneous Health Topics
Miscellaneous Health Topics theme unit

             A Visit to the Hospital

Muscular System
Muscular System theme unit

             Muscles Move You: Your Muscular System

Nervous System
Nervous System theme unit

             Your Nervous System

Nutrition theme unit

             How Vital Are Vitamins?

             The History of Salt

Respiratory System
Respiratory System theme unit

             A Breath of Air: Your Respiratory System

Skeletal System
Skeletal System theme unit

             Your Skeleton Is Alive!

             The Skeletal System - Jimmy's Bones

Teeth theme unit

             Your Smile: When You Need Braces

             Chew On This: Your Teeth

             Treasure Your Teeth

             There's a Hole in My Smile

The Five Senses
The Five Senses theme unit

             Now Hear This: All About the Ear

             What Are the Five Senses?

             Seeing Eye to Eye

             The Five Senses

             The Five Senses of Spring

             Using My Five Senses

The Human Body
The Human Body theme unit

             Our Body is Made Up of Systems

             Why Do I Sneeze, Hiccup, and Yawn?

Tobacco theme unit

             Breathe Easy, Don't Smoke

             Different Kinds of Smoke

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