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Donna the Donkey

Donna the Donkey
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.8

     challenging words:    flickering, stables, starry, wintry, woodcutter, woodsman, piled, longer, stayed, rows, daily, limped, pageant, hillside, humble, manger
     content words:    Virgin Mary

Donna the Donkey
By Joyce Furstenau

1     Donna the donkey was doing her daily duties. Donna had to drag a wagon piled high with wood up and down a steep, dry road all day. It was a dirty job, and Donna was thirsty. Donna paused to take a drink of cool water from the creek. As she drank, Donna dreamed of doing something besides hauling wood.
2     For Donna, each day was just like the one before. Each day, she would drag the wagon loaded with wood from dawn until dark. Her donkey body pulled the wagon dozens of miles each day. Her owner, the woodcutter, fed her enough, but she got dirty and tired from dragging the heavy loads of wood up and down the hillside.
3     One dreadfully hot day, Donna was daydreaming while she was trudging down the dusty road. She didn't see a dip in the road and took a bad tumble. Donna badly injured her leg. She would no longer be able to work. The woodsman who owned Donna felt he had no other choice: the donkey would have to be sold.
4     The next day, an old man came to the woodcutter's farm. He asked about the donkey for sale. The woodcutter told the old man she had been hurt and was no longer useful.
5     The old man then asked, "How much for the lame donkey?" The woodcutter said, "Donna is yours for free if you will take her off my hands." So that is just what he did.

Paragraphs 6 to 11:
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