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World War I

World War I
World War I

Reading Level
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   8.47

     challenging words:    goulash, paprika, cafes, monarchy, cultural, settlement, bobsled, nation, official, historic, government, mountainous, foreign, capital, border, nearly
     content words:    One Austrian, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Ave Maria, Another Austrian, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Middle Ages, Hapsburg Empire, Austrian Empire, Emperor Franz Joseph

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By Sharon Fabian


2     Austria is a small country in central Europe. It is a mountainous country known for its beautiful Alpine scenery and outdoor sports. Its capital, Vienna, is a historic city with beautiful old buildings and sidewalk cafes.
3     Today, Austria is a modern country. Many of its citizens live in Vienna and its other cities. German is the official language there. Children in Austria all go to school, and nearly everyone enjoys some outdoor sports. Ice skating, skiing, sledding on a toboggan or bobsled, and ice hockey are all popular.
4     Austria is a major cultural center in Europe. It is known for art, architecture, and good food, but especially for music. One Austrian, Joseph Haydn, wrote symphonies that are enjoyed all over the world. Franz Schubert, also from Austria, wrote the beautiful "Ave Maria." Another Austrian, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is maybe the most famous classical musician of them all.

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World War I
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