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World War II
The Beginning of War in Japan

World War II
World War II

The Beginning of War in Japan
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 7 to 9
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   7.85

     challenging words:    invasion, policies, recognition, happening, alliance, membership, decision-making, germany, reign, emperor, conflict, democracy, empire, military, reality, treaty
     content words:    World War II, During World War, United States, After WWI, Second Sino-Japanese War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Flying Tigers, Adolf Hitler, Pearl Harbor

The Beginning of War in Japan
By Jane Runyon

1     World War II began in Asia much earlier than it did in Europe. Japan was involved in conflict that led to war as early as 1931. During World War I, Japan was one of the Allies. It fought with the United States and Russia against the Germans. After WWI, Japan was able to expand its holdings in Asia. The Japanese gained an influence in the world they had not known before the war. Japan joined the League of Nations when it was established in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1919. That alliance with world powers gave Japan the recognition it needed to become a power on its own. During the decade of the 1920s, the government of Japan started tipping slightly toward being a democracy. The emperor relinquished some of his power to the people.
2     With the beginning of the 1930s came a change in Japan's government. The military began taking over the decision-making policies in the government. By 1931, the Japanese military had invaded Manchuria on the mainland of Asia. It set up a puppet government. The government it established looked like it was being run by the Manchurians. In reality, the Japanese military was making the decisions. It was pulling the strings. The emperor had not even been informed of the plan to invade Manchuria.
3     In 1933, the Japanese military government decided that it no longer needed the friendship of countries in the League of Nations. The leaders didn't want these countries telling them what they could and could not do. They pulled their membership from the League and set out on their own to establish an empire.

Paragraphs 4 to 6:
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World War II
             World War II

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