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Native Americans

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     challenging words:    mats, porcupine, shellfish, trapped, tribe, wigwam, strips, jobs, doing, lived, cedar, where, seals, trade, picked, died
     content words:    Native American, Since Micmacs, Many Native Americans

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By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Where do you live? Do you live in America? If you live in the Maritimes or Maine, you might have seen Micmacs.
2     Micmac is the name of a Native American tribe. They were nomads. That means they did not stay in one place all the time. They would often move to a new place.
3     They were part of a bigger group of tribes called the Wabanaki. That name meant "dawn land people." This was because they lived near the ocean. Each day, they were one of the first people to see the sun rise.
4     Since Micmacs did not grow any food, they had to catch it all. In the summer they hunted, fished, and picked berries. If they lived near rivers, they fished for salmon or bass. If they lived near the ocean, they often caught shellfish and hunted seals.
5     During the winter, Micmacs trapped animals for their skins. They would use or trade the skins for other things they wanted.

Paragraphs 6 to 11:
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