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     challenging words:    percussion, pottery, royalty, instrument, musical, piano, wooden, empty, different, metal, world, means, animal, brother, learn, held

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By Jennifer Kenny

1     Lily wanted to play a musical instrument. Her brother, Mike, played the piano. Her sisters, Julie and Paula, played the guitar and violin.
2     "What would you like to play?" her mom asked.
3     "The drums," Lily said.
4     "What makes you think you would like the drums?" her mom asked.
5     "We have been learning about them in music class," Lily said.
6     "What did you learn so far?" her mom asked.
7     "The drum has one or two heads. The head is held tightly across the shell. The shell is like a tube."
8     "That's right," Lily's mom said. "Do you know what kind of instrument the drum is?"

Paragraphs 9 to 20:
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