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Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series
Flag Day
Wendy's World- Flag Day

Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series
Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series

Wendy's World- Flag Day
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 4
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.34

     challenging words:    bravery, constellation, purity, union, yards, design, flags, busy, history, were, counted, graves, state, country, seal, learn
     content words:    Flag Day, Memorial Day, New Jersey, George Washington, Betsy Ross

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Wendy's World- Flag Day
By Jane Runyon

1     Wendy, Tim, and Tess were very busy. It was June 13. The next day was Flag Day.
2     They were busy making flags. They were going to put the flags in their neighbors' yards. Tim and his scout troop had put flags on veterans' graves for Memorial Day. He decided to learn more about the flag. He shared what he had learned with Wendy and Tess as they worked.
3     "Did you know that the first Flag Day was in 1877?" he asked.
4     "No," answered Wendy. "Why was it in 1877?"
5     Tim answered. "Our country had a 100th birthday party for the flag on June 14, 1877.
6     A man from New Jersey designed the flag in 1777. George Washington added his ideas to the design. Betsy Ross sewed the first flag."
7     "I saw a picture of that first flag in my history book," added Tess. "The stars were all in a circle."
8     "Yes," said Tim, "that was something George Washington wanted. There were thirteen stars for the first thirteen colonies. He wanted the stars on the flag to look like a constellation in the sky."
9     "How were the colors chosen?" asked Wendy.

Paragraphs 10 to 18:
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Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series
             Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series

Flag Day
             Flag Day

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