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Grades 2-3 Social Studies Wendy's World Series
Wendy's World- Profit

Wendy's World- Profit
Reading Level
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.64

     challenging words:    equipment, exactly, supplies, poster, soccer, packed, awfully, business, eager, earn, pound, park, were, board, thirsty, dollar
     content words:    Sport Spot, Then Mr

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Wendy's World- Profit
By Jane Runyon

1     Wendy, Tim, and Tess were playing in the park. They watched some children playing soccer. On their way home they talked about what they had seen. "That was a cool game we watched," said Tim. "I would like to learn to play soccer."
2     "Wow," exclaimed Tess, "did you see them kick that ball?"
3     "We need to practice so we can play, too," added Wendy. "All we need to do is buy a soccer ball. Then we can practice at my house."
4     "How much does a soccer ball cost?" asked Tim.
5     None of the children knew for sure. They decided to stop at Sport Spot on their way home. Sport Spot had every kind of equipment you needed to play any sport. When they reached the store, they met Wendy's dad. He was looking for a fishing pole.
6     "Dad, you're just the person we need to see. We would like to buy a soccer ball so we can play in the park. Will you buy it for us?"
7     Wendy's dad looked at the three children before he answered. "No, I will not buy it for you. I will help you get the money you need. How much do you have right now?"
8     "I have one dollar and forty-five cents," said Wendy.
9     "I have two dollars and twenty-five cents. I got that for feeding Mrs. Murphy's cat," said Tess.
10     Tim frowned and said, "I spent most of my money on candy. I only have fifty-four cents."
11     "Well," said Dad, "a soccer ball costs nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. If you put all of your money together, you only have four dollars and twenty-four cents. You will need to earn five dollars and seventy-five cents more."

Paragraphs 12 to 31:
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