Sample Chinese Fable: Chang'er Flew to the Moon Worksheet
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Chinese Fable: Chang'er Flew to the Moon   

1     A long, long time ago, there were ten suns glaring over China. Under the intensive heat of ten suns, rivers dried up, land cracked, crops died, and people starved. Frustrated, villagers gathered to brainstorm a solution to ease away their pains. Of all the suggestions, villagers agreed that Ho-Yi, an expert in using bows and arrows, was their only hope.
2     Upon hearing the plea from his fellow villagers, Ho-Yi agreed to help right away. He led a group of villagers to climb the highest mountain in China where he could be as close to his targets as possible. Once he reached the mountaintop, he stood firm, drew the first of ten arrows from the case that he carried on his back, took an aim at one of the ten suns, and let go his hand. The arrow made a beautiful arch across the sky and hit the center of his target. Immediately, the sun, with an arrow piercing through, fell from the sky and vanished!
3     Villagers shouted out in excitement, and their cheers made Ho-Yi ever more confident when he was ready to shoot down the second sun. Just like the first, the second arrow that Ho-Yi took from his case made a beautiful arch across the sky and brought down the second sun in the sky. Rounds of applause set Ho-Yi in motion. As he drew more and more arrows from his case, there were fewer and fewer suns left in the sky.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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