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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 4
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   6.23

     challenging words:    during, family, covering, dark-colored, entryway, getaway, humility, jams, mustaches, separation, solid-colored, tolerance, jewelry, theirs, museum, traveled
     content words:    Lancaster County, Walt Disney World, Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park, Amazing Maize Maze, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Old Order Amish, Pennsylvania Dutch, Pennsylvania Deutsch, Mennonite Community

By Jennifer Kenny

1     Zachary's family lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During the summer, his parents planned a quick getaway to Lancaster County. Zachary was not thrilled about his parents' vacation choice. He was hoping for a plane ride to Walt Disney World. "Maybe next year," his father said. "I think you are going to have more fun than you realize. You'll learn something, too."
2     Zachary wondered what he could learn in Lancaster County. Oh, well. He hopped into the car and traveled about an hour and a half from home.
3     Zachary started to have a good time when they got there. He was amazed by the rolling farmlands and peaceful country. It was like going back in time!
4     The first two days were great. Zachary and his family went to the Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park. He loved all the rides there.
5     The next day, Zachary's family went to the train museum because his father collects toy trains. Zachary enjoyed the visit as much as his dad. In the afternoon, the family found their way through the Amazing Maize Maze. This is a huge maze made up of giant corn stalks! Zachary had never done anything like this!

Paragraphs 6 to 15:
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