Sample Montana Math Word Problems Worksheet
Montana Theme Unit

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1.   It’s spring calving season on the Jackson Ranch. The Jackson’s have 237 head of cattle on their ranch. If 152 of them have calves (and no twins are born), how many head of cattle will there be?

2.   Shelley’s family visited the National Bison Range, near Missoula. They counted 45 bison in one group, 57 in another, and 38 in the last group. How many bison did they count altogether?

3.   Matt’s family is traveling to Flat Head Lake to do some boating and fishing. If it takes 65 minutes to get there, what time will they arrive if they leave at 9:30?

4.   Montana became a territory in 1864. Montana became a state in 1889. How many years had passed from the time Montana became a territory until it became a state?

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