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Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
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Montana Theme Unit

Questions, Facts, and "Who am I?" for the state of Montana
     State of Montana Mixed Review: fill-in questions, "Who am I", facts, and writing prompts (multiple keys)

Short Reading Comprehensions
Short Readers
     Glacier National Park (Short Reader; Grade 6 Readability)
     Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Short Reader; Grade 6 Readability)

Reading Comprehensions
     Springtime Trail Ride (Grades 2-4)
     Driving in the Big Sky (Grades 5-8)

Montana Maze
Build Montana maze - Make multiple mazes at once

State of Montana Theme - Math Stories
     Montana Math (Grades 2-3)
     Montana Math (Grades 4-6)

            MT is for Montana (Grades 4-6)

State of Montana Theme
     Location of Montana in the United States Printable and Information

Montana: Reading Comprehensions with References to Montana
This section lists reading comprehensions on with references to the state of Montana. These reading comprehensions were not written specifically for the state theme unit.

     Top reading comprehensions with most references to Montana
     Moving Day for Monica (Grade 5)
     The Houseboat (Grades 9-12)
     Glacier National Park (Grade 3)
     Dream Catcher - The Life of Ernie Pepion (Grade 5)
     The Big Burn of 1910 (Grade 7)
     Broken Bone Champion - Evel Knievel (Grade 6)
     Dancing Dressage Horses (Grade 4)
     Yellowstone Buffalo (Grade 8)
     Jason's Long Ride (Grade 10)
     Louis Riel: Hero or Madman? Part 2 (Grade 7)
     What Is Scientology? (Grade 6)

(Grades 6-8)
     "Charge!"—The Story of General Custer
     "Hear Me My Chiefs" - Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
     Broken Bone Champion - Evel Knievel
     The Big Burn of 1910
     Tom Brady
(Grades 9-12)
     Benjamin Harrison

Daily Themes
(Grades 3-5)
     55 Saves Lives
     Glacier National Park

(no assigned grade level)
     The Eruption of Mount St. Helens
(Grades 3-5)
     Dancing Dressage Horses
     Dream Catcher - The Life of Ernie Pepion
     Hardscrabble Christmas I
     Jason Earns His Wings
     Kids in Depression Times: Wally - 1938
     Lewis and Clark Make New Discoveries
     Moving Day for Monica
     Ripples of Giving - The Eagle Mount Story
     The Blackfoot
     The Importance of National Parks
     The Northwest Rebellion
     Too Many Davids
     Touring the United States Regions
     What Are Glaciers?
     Yellowstone National Park
(Grades 6-8)
     "I Will Fight No More Forever"- Chief Joseph
     A Brief History of North Dakota
     Battle of Little Bighorn
     Battling the Bitterroots: Mountain Battle
     Boot Hill
     Discovering America II: 1805 (Fort Mandan-Pacific)
     Dog Sledding
     Earth Movements and Time Zones
     Economy of the West Region
     Elephants Never Forget Animal Cruelty
     Geography of the Midwest Region
     Glacier National Park
     History of the National Park Service
     James Ramsey Ullman
     Jean Studies U.S. Geography
     Kathleen Karr
     Lewis and Clark: Meeting the First Settlers (Native Americans)
     Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
     Louis Riel: Hero or Madman? Part 2
     Martha Jane Cannary a.k.a. Calamity Jane
     Sacagawea: Teen Pioneer
     Sacagawea: Teen Pioneer
     Skeet Shooting
     Snowkiting and Other Kiting Sports
     The 1993 Storm of the Century
     The Northwest Rebellion
     Voices of the West - Nat Love
     West to Freedom - African American Pioneers
     West to Freedom - Nat Love and Bill Pickett
     What Is Scientology?
     Women in Government
     Yellowstone Buffalo
(Grades 9-12)
     America, At Whose Cost?
     Autumn Across America
     Lewis, Clark, Sacagawea, and Pomp
     Pearl Harbor
     The Houseboat

(Grades 9-12)
     Fitting In
     Jason's Long Ride
     Something Fishy at the Science Fair
     The Red Hill

(Grades 9-12)
     American Bison

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