Sample New York Math Word Problems Worksheet
New York Theme Unit

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New York
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1.   Mary's aunt rented a cabin on the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg, New York so she could tour the Thousand Islands, see the canal locks, and even visit parts of Canada. If she rented the cabin for two weeks, how many days would that be?

2.   Christine is learning about her family history. She found out that after a potato famine struck Ireland an ancestor of hers came to New York City in 1848. At that time, her relative was seven years old. In what year was her relative born?

3.   New York became a state in 1788. If the year is now 2006, how many years ago was that?

4.   It took thirty-one years to complete the State Capitol Building in Albany. If work began in 1867, when was it finished?

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