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New York Theme Unit

Questions, Facts, and "Who am I?" for the state of New York
     State of New York Mixed Review: fill-in questions, "Who am I", facts, and writing prompts (multiple keys)

Short Reading Comprehensions
Very Quick Readers
     The Statue of Liberty (Very Quick Reader; Grades 2-4 Readability)
     Who Is Lady Liberty? (Very Quick Reader; Grades 4-6 Readability)
     Ellis Island National Park (Very Quick Reader; Grades 6-8 Readability)

Short Readers
     Niagara Falls (Short Reader; Grade 4-6 Readability)
     Why Is New York City Called "The Big Apple"? (Short Reader; Grades 5-7 Readability)

Reading Comprehensions
     One Penny at a Time (Grades 3-4)
     "Take Me Out to Cooperstown" (Grades 3-4)
     Statue of Liberty (Grades 3-5)
     The Big Apple (Grades 3-5)
     "Say Cheese"- The First Affordable Camera (Grades 4-6)
     New York: "Ever Upward" (Grades 4-6)
     Annie Edson Taylor: Queen of the Mist (Grades 4-6)
     New York State (Grades 5-6)
     Lady Liberty Comes Home (Grades 5-6)
     Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge? The Emily W. Roebling Story (Grades 6-8)
     History of the Empire State Building (Grades 7-9)

New York Maze
Build New York maze - Make multiple mazes at once

State of New York Theme - Math Stories
     New York Math (Grades 2-3)
     New York Math (Grades 4-5)

            The Brooklyn Bridge (Grades 6-8)
            NY is for New York (Grades 4-6)

State of New York Theme - Story Starters
     New York Story Starter Printables

State of New York Theme
     Location of New York in the United States Printable and Information

State of New York Theme Time Line
     New York Time Line #1 (32 events in time line)
     New York Time Line #2 (14 events in time line)

New York: Reading Comprehensions with References to New York
This section lists reading comprehensions on with references to the state of New York. These reading comprehensions were not written specifically for the state theme unit.

     Top reading comprehensions with most references to New York
     Cities, Plains - Middle Atlantic Region (Grade 6)
     The Economy of the Middle Atlantic Region (Grade 6)
     Hillary Clinton Elected Senator (Grade 8)
     Why Is New York City Called "The Big Apple"? (Grade 7)
     William "Boss" Tweed - How to Make Money in Politics (Grade 9)
     Robert Lipsyte (Grades 9-12)
     Moving Day for Monica (Grade 5)
     Stephen Crane (Grades 9-12)
     Aaron Burr (Grade 9)
     Yankee Numbers (Grade 3)
     William "Boss" Tweed - Adventures in Justice (Grades 9-12)
     Sweetness in the Ring - Sugar Ray Robinson (Grade 7)

(no assigned grade level)
     George Washington
     Juliette Gordon Low
     Samuel F. B. Morse
(Grades 3-5)
     "Louis, the Yard Teacher"
     A Time Machine into the Past
     A Toy That Can Be Read
     Dreaming up Stories
     Lonely Traveler
     Noah Webster
     One's True Form
     Parents of Curious George
     Polly Horvath--Everything on a Waffle?
     Richard Peck: First Chapter Is Last
     School Matters
     Stories with a Twist
(Grades 6-8)
     A Pearl to Behold: Pearl Bailey
     A Real Superman
     Amelia Jenks Bloomer: Fashion Trend Setter
     American Cartoonist
     Andres Segovia
     Arnold Lobel
     Augusta Savage
     Auguste Bartholdi
     B.F. Skinner
     Blowin' Down That Old Dusty Road
     Bob "The Cooz" Cousy
     Bob Marley
     Booker T. Washington
     Career in a Closet
     Carroll O'Connor
     Catharine Beecher
     Charlayne Hunter-Gault
     Charles Lindbergh
     Daniel Webster - The Great Orator
     Desi Arnaz
     Edgar Allan Poe
     Elie Wiesel
     Emma Lazarus
     Emma Lazarus
     Esther Forbes: Love of the Past
     Ethel Merman
     Fame and Grandma Moses
     Forever Endora
     Frank Lloyd Wright
     Garret A. Morgan, Inventor of Safety Devices
     Grace Kelly
     Harriet Tubman
     Henry Adams: A Teacher Affects Eternity
     Isaac Asimov
     J.K. Rowling
     Jacob Riis
     James Thurber, Author and Cartoonist
     Jean Craighead George: The Wonders of Nature
     Jesse Owens
     John Biggers
     John Glenn
     Josephine Baker
     Judy Blume
     Julia Child
     Julia Richman
     Katharine Hepburn
     Katie Couric - Lady Correspondent
     Langston Hughes
     Leo Lionni
     Levi Strauss and Blue Jeans
     Linda Sue Park: Family History Uncovered
     Lois Lowry
     Magical Dreams
     Marlon Brando
     Mary Anderson, Inventor of the Windshield Wiper
     Mary Pope Osborne
     Matthew Henson
     Melting Clocks and Salvador Dali
     Mobile Artist
     Moe Howard
     Multi-talented Maya Angelou
     Nellie Bly: A Pioneer for Women's Rights
     New Jersey's All-American - Paul Robeson
     Nolan Ryan
     Norman Rockwell
     P. T. Barnum
     Richard Jordan Gatling
     Robert Frost
     Russian-Jewish Artist
     Sarah Vaughn: The Divine One
     Sojourner Truth
     Sweetness in the Ring - Sugar Ray Robinson
     The Hoosier Poet
     The Life of Matt Christopher
     The Life of Peggy Fleming
     The Man Who Made Animals Talk
     The Singing Cowboy
     The World's Favorite Cowboy
     Thomas Edison: The Wizard of Menlo Park
     W.E.B. DuBois
     Washington Irving
     Where's Butch?
     Wilt Chamberlain
     Yellow Springs Teller - Virginia Hamilton
(Grades 9-12)
     A New World of Music
     Aaron Burr
     Anna Pavlova, the Immortal Swan
     Biography of Calvin Klein
     Coming of Age in America—The Life of Margaret Mead
     Dr. Antonia Novello: Surgeon General
     Dr. Mae Jemison: A True Explorer
     Frederick E. Church, Landscape Artist Extraordinaire
     George W. G. Ferris
     Jackson Pollock, or Jack the Dripper
     James A. Michener, the Born Storyteller
     John Coltrane
     Judith Jamison
     Kofi Annan
     Maria Tallchief - The Light of Two Worlds
     Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
     Nicholas Roerich
     Pablo Picasso, the Inventor of Cubism
     Susan B. Anthony
     Theodore Roosevelt

Daily Themes
(Grades 1-2)
     9-11 Search Dogs
     Call Me Dan
     Ellis Island Family History Day
     Not Even a Blizzard
     Susie's Sixth Birthday
     The House of Ruth
(Grades 3-5)
     "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires"
     Goosebumps Give Goosebumps
     A Blur on the Ice
     A Kid's Captain
     A President's Labor Day
     A Sports Great
     Around and Around
     Barbershop Quartet Competition
     Barbershop Quartet Competition
     Beans and Bingo
     Blasted Off Twice
     Born to Play Football
     Building Art
     Doctor on the Court
     First Lady Librarian
     Girl Power!
     Go Girls!
     Going to the Circus
     High in the Sky
     I Scream, You Scream
     Is It Real?
     It's Not Easy Being Green
     Labor Day
     Liberty Enlightening the World
     Light My Way
     May I Borrow a Stamp?
     Mickey Mouse's Birthday!
     More Than a Wrinkle
     Mrs. President?
     Never-ending Ideas
     One Scoop or Two?
     Peace Bridge
     Stormin' Norman
     Sunglasses Hunt
     The Babe of Baseball
     The Big Ditch
     The Smallest One
     The Wizard's Wizard
     Underground Freedom Fighter
     Wild Thing
     Yankee Numbers
(Grades 6-8)
     A Bad Trick
     A New Tradition
     Charles Lindbergh
     Hot Dog Trivia
     I'm a Proud American!
     In Honor of Heroes
     Inaugural Parades
     Memorial Day
     National Heroes Day in Jamaica
     O. Henry
     Ogden Nash
     Roberto Luongo
     The Edible Cup
     The Statue of Liberty: A Welcome Sight!
     Three Kings Day
     United Nations Play
     Who Is Lady Liberty?
     Women's Equality Day
(Grades 9-12)
     America's Number One Snack
     Franklin D. Roosevelt

(no assigned grade level)
     Billy the Kid
     Jackie Robinson
     Statue of Liberty
     Thomas Alva Edison
     What Ever Happened to Amelia Earhart?
(Grades 1-2)
     Me Llama Pablo
     Yoko Yodels
(Grades 3-5)
     A Presidential Project - Mt. Rushmore
     Addressing an Envelope
     American Symbols
     Andrew Carnegie
     Beauty in Stillness
     Benedict Arnold
     Black Literature Leaders
     Bridging People and Places
     Changing Communities
     Chester A. Arthur
     Common Cents
     Countries, States, Cities, and Towns
     Dolley Madison Saves President Washington
     Early Slave Trade
     Frederick Douglass
     Frederick Douglass
     Geographical Landforms
     Gerald McDermott
     Going West
     Harriet Tubman
     Home of Mac and the Snowbirds
     Ice Hockey
     Jeff Brown
     John Wilkes Booth
     Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant
     Liz Overcomes Homelessness in America
     Make a Difference Express
     Making Money
     Martin Van Buren
     Millard Fillmore
     Moving Day for Monica
     Nancy and the Noise Wall
     New England
     New Jersey
     New Year's Eve
     Olympic Cross-Country Skiing
     Olympic Speed Skating
     One, Two, Three Strikes You're Out
     Panic of 1837
     Parts of a Map
     Producing and Supplying Electricity: Garden of Amps
     Punxsutawney Who?
     Rails, Roads, and Water
     Sengbe and the Amistad - "Give Us Free!"
     Stan and Jan Berenstain
     The American Colonization Society
     The Body's Highway System
     The Canine Heroes of 9-11
     The Charter Oak Tree
     The Erie Canal
     The Iroquois
     The Missouri Compromise
     The Seal of Approval
     The Spoils System
     The Statue of Liberty
     The Teddy Bear
     The World of Jazz
     Theodore Roosevelt National Park
     Thomas Paine
     Touring the United States Regions
     Ulysses S. Grant as President
     Using a Map
     Welcome to America
     Where Has Our Water Gone?
     Why President Lincoln Grew a Beard
     You Can Write a Lune
(Grades 6-8)
     "Say Cheese" - The First Affordable Camera
     9/11 Hero: Father Mychal Judge
     A Day Without Immigrants
     A Formal Beginning
     A Revolver and a Showman
     A Sport That Bowled 'Em Over
     African-American Artists
     Air Jordan
     Al "Scarface" Capone
     Alcoholics Anonymous
     Alex Flinn
     Alexander Hamilton
     America's First Women Dentists
     American Musicians
     An Early New Jersey Timeline
     Anna Marie Jarvis: The Mother of Mother's Day
     Annie Edson Taylor: Queen of the Mist
     Balloons As Weapons?
     Barbara Bush
     Baron von Steuben
     Baseball Hall of Fame
     Battles of Saratoga
     Benedict Arnold
     Bessie Coleman: "World's Greatest Woman Flyer"
     Betty Ford
     Bill Cosby Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
     Billy Demong: Skier with an Odd Tattoo
     Books Tell the Story
     Boris Goldovsky
     Boy Scouts of America
     Building Our Nation’s Capital
     Cable Cars
     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
     Changes in Sea Level
     Chris Burke - A Success Story
     Cities, Plains - Middle Atlantic Region
     Civil War Photography
     Civil War Prisons
     Clara Barton
     Comic Books Come of Age
     Coxsackie Virus
     Creation of the Post Office Department
     Declaration of Independence
     Declaring Our Independence
     Delaware - The Early History
     Dewey Defeats Truman! Or Does He?
     Discovery of the North Pole
     Dog Sledding
     Dr. Emily Stowe: In Spite of the Odds
     Draft Law and Riots
     Earth Movements and Time Zones
     Eleanor Roosevelt - First Lady of the World
     Eleanor Roosevelt - From Wallflower to Activist
     Eleanor Roosevelt
     Elizabeth Cady Stanton
     Ellen Wilson
     Ellis Island of the West - Angel Island
     Ellis Island
     Emma Hart Willard
     Escaping Starvation in Holland
     Ethan Allen and Fort Ticonderoga
     Ethan Allen and Fort Ticonderoga
     Explorers for Holland
     Exploring North America - Its Water
     Fame Can Be Found in Many Ways
     Fort Sumter
     Franklin D. Roosevelt
     Freedom's Journal
     From Hunting Ground to Home
     From One Ol' Cat to Baseball
     Gateway to a New World - Ellis Island
     General Charles Cornwallis
     General John Burgoyne
     General William Howe
     George Washington - General
     George Washington's Army - The Department of War
     George Washington
     Giovanni da Verrazano
     Good Grief! — Those Zany Oxymorons
     Grandma Tetrazzini's Noodle Heaven
     Groundhog Day Across the Country
     Grover Cleveland
     He Walked Softly - Teddy Roosevelt
     Hillary Clinton Elected Senator
     Home Sweet Home - Life in Hooverville
     Home Sweet Home for an Immigrant
     Homelessness in America
     How an Olympic City is Chosen
     How Can You Play Polo in the Water?
     How Do Light Bulbs Work?
     How Does a Nor'easter Work?
     How Immigrants Lived
     Immigrant Children at Play
     Immigrant Children at School
     Immigrant Children at Work
     Immigrant Cooking in America
     Inaugural Address
     Jackie O
     Jacqueline Kennedy
     James Howe
     James Ramsey Ullman
     Jean Learns About National Symbols and Holidays
     Jean Studies U.S. Geography
     Jennifer Lopez
     Jerome Bruner
     John Coy
     John Glenn
     Katherine Paterson
     Kathleen Karr
     Kerry's Plan - A Story about Being Prepared
     Lady Liberty Gets a Makeover!
     Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting
     Leaders in the Judicial Branch
     Letter of Reaction - Letter of Appreciation
     Life as an Immigrant
     Life as an Immigrant
     Life with a Cat
     Life with a Pot-bellied Pig
     Live Earth Concert 2007
     Lost Water?
     Madam C. J. Walker - From Rags to Riches
     Making Maple Syrup
     Manhattan Project
     Mapping the Earth's Surface
     Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
     Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
     Martha Washington
     Melting Pot, Salad Bowl, or Ethnic Stew?
     Mildred Gillars AKA Axis Sally
     Mission - Manual Transmission
     Mitch Albom
     Money for the New Country
     Mount Rushmore Is Completed
     Mount Rushmore
     Mountains Formed by Magma
     Mouseketeer Annette
     Mrs. Wesley: Learning about Immigration
     Nancy Pelosi, Lady of Power
     Nathan Hale
     National Urban League
     Native American Dolls
     Neighbors Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant
     Nellie Bly - First Female War Correspondent
     New Year's Day Traditions
     Niagara Falls
     Niagara Falls
     Nicaragua - Culture: El Nino Poeta
     Noise Pollution Near Home
     North America
     Oops! What I Meant to Say Was... The Warped Wisdom of Malapropisms
     Passing the Tests at Ellis Island
     Passive Versus Active Learning
     Patience Wright: American Sculptor and Revolutionary Spy
     Pennsylvania, the Beginning of Freedom
     Peregrine Falcons
     Pets that Help - Service Animals
     Pioneer African-American Writers
     Pizza For Sale
     Plateaus and Erosional Mountains
     Poets of the Harlem Renaissance
     Population Three Hundred Million
     President George W. Bush
     Prisoners of War
     Protesting the Iraq War
     Puerto Rico - Culture
     Recognition - Baseball Hall of Fame
     Red Summer - A Season of Fear
     Remembering September 11th
     Robert Fulton and the Steamboat
     Robert Kimmel Smith
     Robert Lawson
     Robert Newton Peck
     Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main
     Sanitary Fairs: Civil War Fundraisers
     Sargent Claude Johnson
     September 11 Memorials
     Sherman Alexie, Jr.
     Simon Fraser: Canadian Adventurer
     Simon Fraser: Canadian Adventurer
     Sinclair Lewis
     Speech of Promise
     Sports Heroes Who Were Immigrants
     Stanley and Livingstone
     Starting the Day on a Good Note
     Stinky Air Pollution and the Great London Smog
     Strike One on the World Trade Center
     Structure - The Empire State Building
     Sudoku History
     Synchronized Swimming
     Tadeusz Kosciuszko
     Take Me Out to the Ballgame - The World Series
     Tallest of the Tall
     Tennis Anyone?
     Thanksgiving Day Parade
     The 1993 Storm of the Century
     The Assassination of President McKinley
     The Campaign for the 2008 Presidential Election
     The Case of the Disappearing Bats
     The Case of the Missing Cat's Eye
     The Celebration Continues
     The Civil War and Inflation
     The Constitutional Convention
     The Dust Bowl
     The Economy of the Middle Atlantic Region
     The Empire State Building
     The Fast and Fearless Life of a Jockey
     The Final Battle - Yorktown 1781
     The First Capitals of the United States
     The First Truly American Sport
     The First U.S. Women's Rights Movement (1800's)
     The Gang's All Here!
     The Great Lakes
     The Harlem Globetrotters
     The Irish Potato Famine
     The Kitchen Debate
     The Last Monday in May
     The Liberty Bell
     The Liberty Bell
     The Loss of the Honeybees
     The Magic of Houdini
     The Manhattan Project
     The Middle Colonies
     The Monster of Lake Champlain
     The Mysterious Renoir Thief
     The Negro Leagues
     The Northwest Ordinance
     The Oath of Office
     The Oozing, Melting Clocks of Surrealism
     The Pulitzer Prize
     The Quebec Bridge Disaster
     The Race to Nome: The 1925 Alaska Serum Run
     The Rise and Fall of the Beatles
     The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918
     The Story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
     The Tango Hits New York
     The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
     The Unsinkable Titanic
     The Wild World of Water Polo
     Theodore Roosevelt
     They Reached for the Stars and Became One
     Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too
     Train Bombing in Madrid
     Traveling with Your Pet
     Treaty of Paris - The Revolutionary War is Over
     Typhoid Mary
     USS Constitution
     Valley Forge - Winter of 1777-1778
     Victoria Woodhull
     War in Afghanistan
     Washington, D.C.
     Watch the Birdie
     Water Pollution in the Hudson River: Captain Maher's Story
     What Are Time Zones?
     What Eggs-actly Is Egg Tempera?
     What Is a FICO Score and Why Does It Matter?
     What Is Dada?
     What Is Paper Maché?
     What Is Primitivism?
     What Is Sculpture?
     What Variety of Pizza Do You Like?
     When Man Took Flight
     Where Have the Bats Gone?
     Where Would We Be Without the Ballpoint Pen?
     Why Do Immigrants Come to the United States Today?
     Why Is New York City Called "The Big Apple"?
     Why Some Immigrants Went Home
     William H. Johnson
     William Otter- Street Scholar
     Women and Health Care
     Women as Citizens
     Women Win the Right to Vote
     Yearning to Breathe Free-Immigration in the 1890s, Pt. 1
     You Switch, We Deliver?
     You Want Fuel With That?
(Grades 9-12)
     A Costly Oops!
     All the News That's Fit to Print - and Some That Isn't
     Andrewsarchus: Largest Mammalian Carnivore Ever?
     Apolo Anton Ohno
     Arthur Miller
     Autumn Across America
     Battles - Fort Sumter
     Connecticut Composer Charles Ives
     Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Doctor
     E. B. White
     Earth Time - Precambrian Time and the Paleozoic Era
     Edith Wharton
     Elizabeth Blackwell
     Energy from Water
     Eoin Colfer
     F. Scott Fitzgerald
     Flannery O'Connor
     Harper Lee
     Helen Hunt Jackson Writes for the Native Americans
     History of the Empire State Building
     If at First You Don't Succeed...The Invasion(s) of Canada
     Inventions for Babies
     Inventors of the Automobile Engine
     J.D. Salinger
     John Steinbeck
     Joseph Heller
     Leaders in Crisis - Franklin D. Roosevelt
     Leonard Bernstein: Peace and Harmony
     Lord Dunmore's War
     Lorraine Hansberry
     Lune: the American Haiku
     Malcolm X
     Maya Lin
     Misguided Fanatic or Hero? John Brown
     No Ordinary Day - 9/11 Hero Noel Sepulveda
     O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)
     Olive Ann Burns
     On The Road With Alice Ramsey
     Other Local Governments
     Polio and FDR's Disability
     Puerto Rico and the National Puerto Rican Day Parade
     Rails across America - "Done!" The Last Spike
     Ralph Ellison
     Rates of Weathering
     Red Stick Conflict
     Results of the French and Indian War
     Robert Kennedy
     Robert Lipsyte
     Say "Uncle!" — The Strange End of the War of 1812
     Seward's Folly
     Sharon Creech
     Sid Fleischman
     Spies for the Confederacy
     Stephen Crane
     Suriname - History
     The "Beat" of a Different Drum - Rebels of the Nifty Fifties
     The Merci Train
     The Declaration of Independence
     The Friendship Train
     The Know Nothing Party
     The Know Nothing Party
     The Long Island Express: The New England Hurricane of 1938
     The Need for Speed - The Age of Computers
     The North after the Civil War
     The United Nations Becomes a Reality
     Tuscarora and Yamasee Wars
     United States Immigration Laws in the 18th and 19th Centuries
     Warriors and Heroes - Native Americans in World War II
     Who Wanted to be the First Female Vice-President?
     Why Did the Germans Come to America?
     Willa Cather
     William "Boss" Tweed - Adventures in Justice
     William "Boss" Tweed - How to Make Money in Politics

(no assigned grade level)
     Summer Dreams
     The Marmalade War
(Grades 9-12)
     An Alien Landscape
     Jason's Long Ride
     The Magi in New York
     Unexpected Inspiration

(no assigned grade level)
(Grades 3-5)
     Animals in Motion
(Grades 6-8)
     Pale Male & Lola -- Red-Tailed Hawks

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