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Jerome Bruner

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Famous Educators

Jerome Bruner
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     challenging words:    enactive, iconic, presented, earning, abstract, modes, educator, meaningful, writing, consult, focus, gain, psychologist, schools, knowledge, film
     content words:    Jerome Bruner, Then Bruner, Harvard University, George Miller, Oxford University, New School, Social Research, New York, Actual Minds, Possible Worlds

Jerome Bruner
By Jennifer Kenny

1     Do you ever think about thinking? Do you ever wonder how people learn new things? Jerome Bruner did. He was a psychologist and educator.
2     Bruner was born on October 1, 1915. His father died when he was only twelve years old. After that, his family moved a great deal. Still, Bruner went to high school and college. Then Bruner went to Harvard University, earning a Ph.D. in 1941. Soon after, he worked at Harvard.
3     Bruner wanted to believe that people respond to more than just stimuli. That was the main focus at the time. He felt that the way people view the world is important, too. He believed perception is a kind of information processing. Bruner wrote that people group things into categories. How they are grouped depends on many things.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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