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Progressing Leveled Reader Books - Developing Reader
Leveled Readers:  Level 6

Approximate edHelper Reading Level 6 Correlations:
Grade  First Grade
DRA Level  10
Fountas Pinnell  F

        5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23 

Photo Book Bundles

         Download all of the photo Reading level 6 books
in one file (large file - total of 15 books in the PDF)

Reading level 6 Book Bundles

         Reading Books Bundle #1 of 3
Reading level 6 (large file - total of 35 books in this PDF)

         Reading Books Bundle #2 of 3
Reading level 6 (large file - total of 35 books in this PDF)

         Reading Books Bundle #3 of 3
Reading level 6 (large file - total of 5 books in this PDF)

Gavin and Kevin

        Gavin and Kevin Book 13: Mulch Man


        Pam Book 15: A Big Fall
Pam Book 16: End of School Plans

Weekly Leveled Reading Books

          Weekly Leveled Reader Books

Level 6 - Nonfiction Photo Books

     An Elephant Ride
Let's Be a Safe Driver
Let's Go to Summer Camp
Let's Go to the Gym
Let's Go to the Hardware Store
Let's Go to the Thrift Store
Let's Pan for Gold
Let's Plant a Garden
Let's See California Redwood Trees
Let's Visit a Bookstore
Let's Visit a Dump
Let's Visit a Petting Zoo
Let's Visit an Aquarium Store
Magical India
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
A Visit to Old Faithful
What Is in China?
What Is in Italy?
What Is in Thailand?
What Is in Vietnam?
Who Lives in the Sea?

Level 6

     An Airplane Ride
At the Bank
A Big Fall
Books About Cats
Carla Cow
Caterpillar's Story
Chet's Children
A Circle of Friends
Clap Your Hands
Cooking Dinner
Cooking in the Kitchen
Describing Opposites
Describing People
The Disappearing Doughnuts
Disaster at the Supermarket
End of School Plans
Everyday Activities
Fire Prevention Song
Five Giggling Ghosts
Five Mighty Dinosaurs
The Flying Frog
Goodnight, Everything
Grandparents Day
Hal's Happy Hippos
The Holidays
How Much is Zero?
I Am a Fine Musician
I Made a Snowman
I Went to the Post Office
I'll Help You at the Supermarket
Icicle Island
If I Had a Job
In the Kitchen
Jobs People Do
Jobs People Do
Jump, Jim!
The King of Kangaroos
Larry and the Lady Lobster
Lemons, Apples, Cherries, and Grapes
The Little Kitten
little leaf
Ma, Mama, Madre, Mom
The Members of My Family
Months of the Year
The Muffin and the Flapjack
Mulch Man
My Daddy Is a Fireman
My Friends
My Grandmother's Grandfather Clock
Nickels and Dimes Count
Our Dining Room
Our Utility Room
Polar Lightning
Poppy's Petunias
Sam Goes to the Market
Snow, Mama, Snow
Some Insects
Subjects at School
Subjects We Learn in School
Sylvia's House
Ten Men
That Was That
Time and Seasons
Tom and His Pet
Vegetable Stew
A Visit to Uncle Jimmy's Farm
What Is a Dining Room?
What Is a Fruit?
What Time Is It?
When I Do Subjects at School
Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?
Where Is Mikey?
Where is White?
Who Are These People?

Progressing Leveled Reader Books - Developing Reader
Guided Reading Levels E-I




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