Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Special Education
Life Skills

Life Skills:
Protecting Yourself

Life Skills: Protecting Yourself
     Bicycle Safety (Grades 1-3)
     Being Safer on Your Bicycle (Grades 4-6)
     How to Help Someone Who is Bleeding (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Locking the House (Hi/Lo Grades 2-3)
     The Storm (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Be Prepared for Winter (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Water and Sun Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Crossing the Street (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Kitchen Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Bike Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Pool Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Tool Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Ladder Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     How to Deal With a Bully (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Dangers of Decorating Your Body (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Help Stop the Spread of AIDS (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Emergency? Call 911! (Hi/Lo Grades 4-5)
     Fireplace Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 4-5)
     Basic First Aid (Hi/Lo Grades 4-5)
     Make Your Own First Aid Kit (Hi/Lo Grades 4-5)
     Make an Emergency Aid (Hi/Lo Grades 5-7)
     Electricity Safety (Hi/Lo Grades 6-8)

Leveled Books
            Sal's Safety Tips
            More Safety Tips from Sal

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