Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Special Education
Life Skills

Life Skills:
Shopping and Dining

Reading Comprehensions
     Coupons (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Grocery Lists (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     How Often Should I Shop? (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     The Deli (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     I Can't Find What I Want (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Going Shopping (Hi/Lo Grades 3-4)
     Magazines and Cards (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     A New Bedroom (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Buying Baby Toys (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Saving Money on Groceries (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Receipts (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Perishables (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Fruits and Vegetables (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Baked Goods (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Frozen Meals (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Sizes (Grades 3-5)
     Warehouse Stores (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Buying in Bulk (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Checking Out (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Understanding Grocery Fliers (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Understanding Prices (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Personal Goods (Hi/Lo Grades 4-6)
     Cleaning Supplies (Hi/Lo Grades 4-6)

     Eating Healthy When Eating Out (Hi/Lo Grades 2-4)
     Making a Reservation (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Restaurant Seating (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Using a Restaurant Menu (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Changing Your Order (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Restaurant Tipping (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Restaurant Complaints (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Appropriate Behavior when Eating Out (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Gift Cards (Hi/Lo Grades 3-5)
     Dining Out on a Budget (Hi/Lo Grades 4-6)
     Reading a Menu (Hi/Lo Grades 5-7)

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