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Summer Olympics
Grades 5 to 6 Theme Unit

Summer Olympics: Math
     Summer Olympic Math (track and field)
     Summer Olympic Math (gymnastics)
     Summer Olympic Math (diving)

Summer Olympics Review Quizzes (combines vocabulary with quiz questions and writing prompts)
     Summer Olympics Review Quiz (Grades 5-6)

Summer Olympics Word Builder Puzzles
     Build Words from Summer Olympics Words
     Build Words from Summer Olympics Words (includes Word Search)

Summer Olympics Puzzles
     (Grades 5-6) Customize Printables - edit and save words and definitions ( subscribers)

Pre-Made Summer Olympics Printables
     Summer Olympics Spelling Maze
     Summer Olympics Word Search (10 Words)
     Summer Olympics Word Search (All Words)
     Summer Olympics Word Search (All Words - lowercase)
     Summer Olympics Word Search (Larger Word Search!)
     Crack the Code
     Fill in the Missing Letter
     Unscramble the Words
     Circle the Correct Word
     Fill in the Missing Vowels
     Fill in the Words Puzzle
     Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (Definitions)
     Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle (Definitions - Includes List of Words)
     Vocabulary Matching
     Multiple Choice Vocabulary
     Pronunciations: Write Word
     Pronunciations: Circle the Correct Spelling
     Pronunciations: Word Search Puzzle
     Spelling Review

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