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Phonics Worksheets:
/ch/ Sound

/ch/ Sound Word Wall
        Make a /ch/ Sound word wall

Leveled Books
             Chick-chick-a-dee-dee (PDF file)
             The Cheerful Chicken (PDF file)
             Cheers for the Champions (PDF file)
             Chet's Children (PDF file)

Reading Comprehensions
     Chuckles the Chimp and Charlie (grades 1-2)

Printables with /ch/ Sound Words
Word Search

   Cut and paste picture
and write the word

   Circle letters
and write the word

/ch/ Sound Word Practice Pages - Handwriting and Word Shapes
   Trace and Write /ch/ Sound
     Trace and write /ch/ words (word printed above trace letters)
     Trace and write /ch/ words
     Complete the trace (missing letters) and write /ch/ words

/ch/ Sound Word Shapes
     Word shapes

Sentences using /ch/ Sound Words
Complete Sentences
     Word shapes with some letters filled in
     Word shapes
     Blank lines

Multiple Choice
     Multiple choice sentence completion

Puzzles with pictures (/ch/ Sound)
        Unscramble /ch/ words
     Fill-in missing letter (one missing letter)
     Fill-in missing letter (two missing letters)
     Circle /ch/ words (correct spelling)
     Match /ch/ words with pictures
     Word search

     Pictures puzzle book

Vocabulary Board Game
   Board Game with /ch/ Sound words

Spell the Missing Sound
     Spelling the Missing Sounds (grades 4+)

More /ch/ Sound Printables
     Select grade level, words, and then build printables

Sample Worksheets
     Draw lines from words to pictures
     Beginning Sounds (includes pictures and word bank)
     Beginning Sounds (includes pictures)
     Pick the word that matches the picture
     Pick the word that matches the picture and write the word
     Complete the sentence (word bank is on top of page; no picture)
     Complete the sentence (includes a choice of words and one picture)

Sample Fill-In Puzzles
     Picture clues
     Picture with a rhyme
     Picture with a sentence
     Picture with a sentence and a rhyme
     A mix of all different clues

     Picture clues (includes definitions)
     Picture with a rhyme (includes definitions)
     Picture with a sentence (includes definitions)
     Picture with a sentence and a rhyme (includes definitions)
     A mix of all different clues (includes definitions)

Sample Printables
     Make custom printables with words and pictures

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