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The Circus Parade by Katharine Pyle

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The Circus Parade
by Katharine Pyle

The Circus Parade
By: Katharine Pyle

One day we took our lunches,
And all went driving down
To see the big procession
Parading through the town.

The people lined the pavements;
Along the curb they sat:
Some woman with a parasol
Knocked off Eliza’s hat.

The boys climbed up the lampposts,
And up the awnings too;
They shouted and they whistled
To everyone they knew.

The people were so noisy,
All talking in the street,
I thought I heard the music,
And heard the big drums beat.

Some boy cried out, “It’s coming.”
I pushed with all the rest.
It only was a wagon-
“Salvation oil’s the best.”

Tommy began to whimper-
It was so hot that day;
Till all, upon a sudden,
Began to look one way,

And down the street came something-
All big and gray and slow-.
The elephants and camels
At last it was THE SHOW.

The banners waved and glittered:
Then came the riders gay;
The elephants all swung their trunks,
The band began to play.

And on a golden chariot,
Far, far up, all alone,
There sat a lovely lady
Upon a gilded throne.

Then came the spotted ponies;
They trotted brisk and small,
And one a clown was leading
The littlest of all.

Next was a cage of lions,
And dressed in spangles bright,
There sat a man among them:
Indeed it was a sight!

Another band; and wagons
Still rumbling, rumbling passed,
And then a crowd of little boys,
And then-that was the last.

That night when all were sleeping,
And everything was still,
I heard a circus wagon
Come jolting up the hill.

Another and another
Went rumbling through the night,
And then two elephants passed by,
Close covered out of sight.

When all had passed the tollgate
I jumped back into bed,
But all that night the sound of wheels
Kept rumbling through my head.

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