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    Poetry Review (one poetry unit)

Easier Poem Units

Louisa May Alcott    To The First Born (grades 1-3)
William Allingham    Robin Redbreast (grades 3-5)
Laurence Alma-Tadema    Playgrounds (grades 2-4)
Maya Angelou    Life Doesn't Frighten Me (grades 3-4)
Anonymous    The Cats of Kilkenny (grades 1-3)
   A Fly and a Flea in a Flue (grades 2-4)
   A Tutor Who Tooted the Flute (grades 2-4)
   A Young Lady of Lynn (grades 2-4)
   Boys and Girls Come out to Play (grades 2-4)
   I Raised a Great Hullabaloo (grades 2-4)
   The Codfish (grades 2-4)
   The Joke (grades 2-4)
   The March Wind (grades 2-4)
   The North Wind Doth Blow (grades 2-4)
   There Was a Young Lady Called Bright (grades 2-4)
   Two Little Kittens (grades 2-4)
   Have You Ever Seen? (grades 3-5)
   Little Clotilda (grades 3-5)
   There Was a Young Lady from Niger (grades 3-5)
   There Was a Young Maid (grades 3-5)
   To Be Answered in Our Next Issue (grades 3-5)
   Monday's Child (grades 4-6)
   When Mother Reads Aloud (grades 4-6)
John Kendrick Bangs    The Little Elf (grades 1-3)
Hilaire Belloc    Introduction: The Bad Child's Book of Beasts (grades 4-6)
Hillaire Belloc    The Vulture (grades 2-4)
Jane Euphemia Browne    The Rooks (grades 2-4)
Gelett Burgess    The Purple Cow (grades 2-3)
   Table Manners (grades 2-4)
Lewis Carroll    You Are Old, Father William (grades 5-6)
Alice Cary    November (grades 3-5)
Charles Causley    Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth-Toast (grades 5-6)
Lydia Maria Child    The New-England Boy's Song About Thanksgiving Day (grades 2-4)
Colley Cibber    The Blind Boy (grades 2-4)
Sara Coleridge    A Calendar (grades 3-5)
   Trees (grades 3-5)
Hilda Conkling    The Old Bridge (grades 3-5)
George Cooper    October's Party (grades 4-6)
Elizabeth T. Corbett    A Misspelled Tail (grades 3-5)
Alice Guerin Crist    Fairies (grades 3-5)
Sydney Dayre    A Lesson for Mamma (grades 3-5)
   Grandma's Lost Balance (grades 3-5)
C. J. Dennis    The Music of Your Voice (grades 4-6)
Emily Dickinson    Bee! I'm Expecting You! (grades 2-4)
   Hope is the Thing with Feathers (grades 2-4)
   The Grass so Little Has to Do (grades 2-4)
   Summer Shower (grades 3-5)
   Will There Really Be a Morning? (grades 3-5)
T. S. Eliot    Gus: The Theatre Cat (grades 5-6)
Ralph Waldo Emerson    We Thank Thee (grades 4-6)
Eugene Field    The Duel (grades 5-6)
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman    The Ostrich (grades 3-5)
Kate Greenaway    On the Bridge (grades 3-5)
Edgar A. Guest    A Boy and His Dad (grades 3-6)
   Only a Dad (grades 3-6)
   Father (grades 4-6)
   The Perfect Dinner Table (grades 4-6)
Edgar Guest    Raisin Pie (grades 4-8)
Felicia Dorothea Hemans    Landing of the Pilgrims (grades 4-6)
Oliver Herford    The Crocodile (grades 3-5)
Heinrich Hoffman    The Story of Fidgety Philip (grades 2-4)
Thomas Hood    No! (grades 3-5)
Mary Howitt    The Sunshine (grades 3-5)
Joyce Kilmer    Trees (grades 4-6)
Rudyard Kipling    The Camel's Hump (grades 3-5)
Charles Lamb    Crumbs to the Birds (grades 3-5)
Charles and Mary Lamb    The First Tooth (grades 3-5)
Edward Lear    There Was an Old Man With a Beard (grades 3-5)
   The Quangle Wangle's Hat (grades 5-6)
Vachel Lindsay    The Little Turtle (grades 2-4)
Amy Lowell    Sea-shell (grades 2-4)
   The City of Falling Leaves (grades 3-5)
James Russell Lowell    The Fountain (grades 2-4)
   The First Snowfall (grades 3-5)
Walter de la Mare    Some One (grades 3-5)
Clement Clarke Moore    The Night before Christmas (grades 6-12)
Christopher Morely    Smells (grades 4-6)
Christopher Morley    Full Moon (grades 2-4)
   Animal Crackers (grades 3-5)
   Song for a Little House (grades 3-5)
Ogden Nash    The Dog (grades 1-3)
   Adventures of Isabel (grades 5-6)
Edith Nesbit    Baby Seed Song (grades 4-6)
Alfred Noyes    Daddy Fell into the Pond (grades 3-4)
Jack Prelutsky    Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face (grades 3-4)
Katharine Pyle    The Circus Parade (grades 2-4)
   Waking (grades 2-4)
William Brighty Rands    The Cat of Cats (grades 2-4)
   Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore (grades 3-5)
Thomas Buchanan Read    The Angler (grades 6-8)
Laura Elizabeth Richards    A Valentine (grades 3-5)
   After a Visit to the Natural History Museum (grades 3-5)
   Prince Tatters (grades 3-5)
Laura Richards    Eletelephony (grades 3-4)
   The Umbrella Brigade (grades 3-5)
Theodore Roethke    The Bat (grades 5-6)
Christina Rossetti    Clouds (grades 1-3)
Cristina Rossetti    The Rainbow (grades 3-5)
John G. Saxe    The Blind Men and the Elephant (grades 5-6)
Sir Walter Scott    Hunter's Song (grades 5-7)
Frank Dempster Sherman    Blossoms (grades 2-4)
   The Shadows (grades 2-4)
   Baseball (grades 3-5)
   Daisies (grades 3-5)
Shel Silverstein    Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout (grades 5-6)
Cicely Fox Smith    Little Gorilla (grades 4-6)
Robert Louis Stevenson    The Swing (grades 1-3)
   Autumn Fires (grades 2-4)
   Bed in Summer (grades 2-4)
   My Shadow (grades 3-4)
   Foreign Lands (grades 3-5)
   Young Night Thought (grades 3-5)
   Picture Books in Winter (grades 4-6)
Ann Taylor    The Field Daisy (grades 2-4)
   The Spider (grades 2-4)
Sara Teasdale    The Falling Star (grades 2-4)
   The Coin (grades 3-5)
   Wishes (grades 3-5)
Alfred Lord Tennyson    Minnie and Winnie (grades 2-4)
   The Eagle (grades 2-4)
Unknown    A Serenade for New Year's Eve (grades 2-4)
   Mr. Nobody (grades 2-4)
   My Books (grades 3-5)
Judith Viorst    Mother Doesn't Want a Dog (grades 3-4)
Carolyn Wells    Our Club (grades 1-3)
   There Once Was a Corpulent Carp (grades 2-4)
   A Marvel (grades 3-5)
   An Intercepted Valentine (grades 3-5)
Amos R. Wells    The Ambitious Ant (grades 2-4)
   The Considerate Crocodile (grades 2-4)
John Greenleaf Whittier    Somehow, Not Only for Christmas (grades 3-5)
Ella Wheeler Wilcox    Wishing (grades 5-7)
Elinor Wylie    Silver Filigree (grades 3-5)

High School Level Poem Units

Matthew Arnold    Dover Beach
W. H. Auden    The Unknown Citizen
William Blake    A Poison Tree
Elizabeth Barrett Browning    Sonnet 14, If Thou Must Love Me
Robert Browning    My Last Duchess
   The Laboratory
George Gordon Byron    The Destruction of Sennacherib
Lewis Carroll    Jabberwocky
Samuel Taylor Coleridge    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Emily Dickinson    Because I Could Not Stop for Death
   ‘Twas just this time last year I died
John Donne    A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
T. S. Eliot    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
Thomas Dunn English    Ben Bolt
Robert Frost    Mending Wall
William Lloyd Garrison    Freedom for the Mind
Thomas Hardy    Neutral Tones
Oliver Wendell Holmes    Old Ironsides
A. E. Housman    To an Athlete Dying Young
Langston Hughes    Mother to Son
John Keats    Ode on a Grecian Urn
Rudyard Kipling    The Ballad of East and West
Charles and Mary Lamb    Anger
D. H. Lawrence    Snake
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow    A Psalm of Life
   Paul Revere's Ride
   The Skeleton in Armor
Amy Lowell    Patterns
Walter Malone    Opportunity
Andrew Marvell    To His Coy Mistress
John Masefield    Sea-Fever
Navarre Scott Momaday    The Earth
Pablo Neruda    "Tonight I Can Write" or "Poem 20"
Alfred Noyes    The Highwayman
Maurice Ogden    The Hangman
Wilfred Owen    Dulce Et Decorum Est
Edgar Allan Poe    The Raven
James Whitcomb Riley    When the Frost is on the Punkin
Edwin Arlington Robinson    Richard Cory
Carl Sandburg    Chicago
Sir Walter Scott    Lochinvar
Robert W. Service    The Cremation of Sam McGee
Anne Sexton    Cinderella
Percy Bysshe Shelley    Ozymandias
Edward Rowland Sill    The Fool's Prayer
Gary Soto    Oranges
Alfred, Lord Tennyson    The Charge of the Light Brigade
Ernest Lawrence Thayer    Casey at the Bat
Dylan Thomas    Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
Rose Hartwick Thorpe    Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight
unknown    Two Pictures
John Updike    Ex-Basketball Player
John Greenleaf Whittier    Maud Muller
Oscar Wilde    The Ballad of Reading Gaol
William Wordsworth    The World Is Too Much With Us
Richard Wright    Between the World and Me
William Butler Yeats    The Circus Animals' Desertion
   The Second Coming

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