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Waking by Katharine Pyle

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by Katharine Pyle

By: Katharine Pyle

I dreamed I lay in a little gray boat;
The sail above was gray;
Out, out to the sea from the dreamland shore
I was drifting and drifting away.

The dreamland shore was growing dim,
Though I strained my eyes to see;
And the dream-child, too, was fading away
Who had played all night with me.

The dream-child waved a shadowy hand,
And wept to see me go.
“Farewell, farewell,” I heard a cry,
“You are going to wake, I know.”

And then I saw the shore no more—
There was only the wind and me,
And the little gray boat, and the lonely sky,
And the soundless dreamland sea.

My boat ran up on a smooth white beach,
And faded away like smoke,
And the beach was my own little nursery bed,
And I opened my eyes and woke.

So often now when I’m going to sleep,
I wish I could find once more,
The place where the little gray boat is moored
And the dream-child plays on the shore.

But in dreamland none can lose their way,
Or find their friends again;
And the little dream-child by the dreamland sea
Will wait for me in vain.

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