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The Umbrella Brigade by Laura Richards

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The Umbrella Brigade
by Laura Richards

The Umbrella Brigade
By: Laura Richards

“Pitter patter!” falls the rain
On the schoolroom window pane.
Such a splashing! such a dashing!
Will it e’er be dry again?
Down the gutter rolls a flood,
And the crossing’s deep in mud;
And the puddles! oh, the puddles
Are a sight to stir one’s blood!

But let it rain
Tree-toads and frogs
Muskets and pitchforks
Kittens and dogs!
Dash away! splash away!
Who is afraid?
Here we go,
The umbrella brigade!

Pull the boots up the knee!
Tie the hoods on merrily!
Such a hustling! such a jostling!
Out of breath with fun are we,
Clatter, clatter down the street,
Greeting everyone we meet,
With our laughing and our chaffing
Which the laughing drops repeat.

Pitter patter! pitter patter!
Pitter patter! pitter patter!

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