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The Shadows by Frank Dempster Sherman

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The Shadows
by Frank Dempster Sherman

The Shadows
By: Frank Dempster Sherman

All up and down in shadow-town
The shadow children go;
In every street you’re sure to meet
Them running to and fro.

The move around without a sound,
They play at hide-and-seek,
But no one yet that I have met
Has ever heard them speak.

Beneath the tree you often see
Them dancing in and out,
And in the sun there’s always one
To follow you about.

Go where you will, he follows still,
Or sometimes runs before,
And, home at last, you’ll find him fast
Beside you at the door.

A faithful friend is he to lend
His presence everywhere;
Blow out the light—to bed at night—
Your shadow-mate is there!

Then he will call the shadows all
Into your room to leap
And such a pack! they make it black,
And fill your eyes with sleep!

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