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1     Gorillas live in the jungles of central Africa. Despite their ferocious appearance, gorillas are very gentle and peaceful forest-dwelling giants. Unlike the image portrayed in the movie "King Kong", gorillas do not attack humans unless threatened. Hence, a gorilla taking over Manhattan and climbing to the top of the Empire State Building is purely fictional.
2     Scientists long ago established that there's just one gorilla species in the world. Nevertheless, after extensive genetic research, some scientists questioned this fact. Instead, they concluded that there are two gorilla species, each of which has several subspecies. The two gorilla species are the western gorilla and the eastern gorilla. The western gorilla has two subspecies, the western lowland gorilla and the Cross River gorilla, whereas the eastern gorilla has three subspecies, the eastern lowland gorilla (or the Grauer's gorilla), the mountain gorilla, and the Bwindi gorilla. Notably, since the number of gorilla species and the number of gorilla subspecies are still hotly debated among scientists, the information you find from various sources may differ.
3     Regardless of how many types of gorillas there are, all gorillas establish their residence in dense forests. We can find gorillas in several central African countries, such as Rwanda, Uganda, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), Cameroon, Nigeria, and Gabon.

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