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Animal Themes
Clown Fish

Animal Themes
Animal Themes

Clown Fish
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 3 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   7.89

     challenging words:    aspect, capitalize, formerly, hence, immunity, mutualism, orange-colored, passerby, perideraion, plant-like, relationship, reproduction, strategy, residence, benefits, species
     content words:    Pacific Ocean, Great Barrier Reef, Indian Ocean, Red Sea

Clown Fish   

1     Clown fish are bold! They dare to live in places that most marine animals dread to go near. Indeed, their choice of residence -- anemone (or sea anemone) -- is a plant-like, immobile underwater creature that snatches at a passerby with its waving, poisonous tentacles! Yet, clown fish don't seem to mind the danger. The anemone they live with appears to enjoy their company as well. Though the living arrangement clown fish and anemones establish is out of the ordinary, it benefits both animals in several ways.
2     Clown fish (or anemone fish) know how frightened other fishes are of anemones' toxic tentacles. They capitalize on that fear by being anemones' roommates. Surely, no fish can be that hungry to chase a clown fish all the way to its dangerous dwelling. Nevertheless, if the predator continues the pursuit, it will quickly regret its decision -- instead of being a hunter, the fish becomes a fallen prey of the clown fish's protector! Of course, the clown fish would never make a pact with the anemone if it didn't have means to fend off its host's venomous stings. So, how does it avoid getting stung by the anemone? Well, it turns out that the clown fish has a special layer of mucus on its skin. Miraculously, this layer of mucus gives it immunity.
3     In addition to the "Please protect me, and I will bring you food!" reason, there are other factors that bring the clown fish and the anemone together. For example, the clown fish eats leftover bits that the anemone discards. In return, the anemone receives a free cleaning service.

Paragraphs 4 to 6:
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