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Rainforests Are Amazing!

Animal Themes
Animal Themes

Rainforests Are Amazing!
Print Rainforests Are Amazing! Reading Comprehension with Sixth Grade Work

Print Rainforests Are Amazing! Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 6 to 8
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   7.42

     challenging words:    standing, rainfall, annual, million, monthly, between, attract, being, huge, temperate, area, life, above, half, average, poison
     content words:    United States, Northern Hemisphere, United Kingdom, Southern Hemisphere, South Africa, New Zealand, Central America, South America

Other Languages
     Spanish: ¡Los Bosques Tropicales son Asombrosos!

Rainforests Are Amazing!   

1     Rainforests are amazing! We usually think of rainforests being in the tropical areas of the world. Many of them are. When we walk on the damp, muddy ground of a tropical rainforest, we see trees standing tall in the sky. We see plants with the most brightly colored flowers to attract bees and butterflies. We see a couple of monkeys jumping from tree to tree. We see two toucans using their huge, colorful beaks to toss nuts to each other. We see a poison dart frog carrying its young on its back. Watch out! We also see a leopard staring at us! Tropical rainforests are full of life. The weather here is hot and humid all year round. The average temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average monthly rainfall is 6 inches. About two-thirds of all the plant and animal species in the world live in rainforests.
2     Where can we find rainforests? Is there one in the United States? Yes, a temperate (cooler climate) rainforest exists in parts of California, Washington, and Oregon. Temperate rainforests have average annual temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees F. They get about 55 inches of rain each year.

Paragraphs 3 to 4:
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