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1     When we think of birds living in rainforests, toucans are usually the first to come to our minds. This odd-looking bird is difficult to miss. The bird's brightly colored beak is so large that it is about the same length as the bird's body! There are about forty different species of toucans. They all live in the tropical areas of Mexico and Central and South America. Toucans mainly feed on berries and seeds. They also eat small insects, reptiles, and birds.
2     How can toucans balance themselves with such huge and heavy-looking beaks? Well, their beaks are actually hollow and lightweight! Hence, toucans can fly or perch on tree branches without toppling over! Toucans use their colorful, oversized beaks for several purposes. They use them to fetch food, to throw and catch, to wrestle, and to attract mates. With their long beaks, toucans can reach berries growing on a more distant twig. When they pluck a berry or seed in their giant beaks, they may toss the food high in the air for their neighbors to catch. If two toucans are mad at each other, they fight with their beaks. They wrestle until one gives up! During the mating season, male toucans show off their flashy beaks to draw female toucans' attention.
3     Surprisingly, toucans are related to woodpeckers. Unlike woodpeckers, .....
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