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Grade 4 Biographies

     "Louis, the Yard Teacher"
     A Singing Pirate
     A Time Machine into the Past
     A. A. Milne
     Abraham Lincoln
     Aksel Lund Svindal
     Alan Turing
     Aleksandr Karelin
     Alexander Calder
     Alexander Graham Bell
     Alice Roosevelt Longworth
     Andrew Johnson
     Anne Frank
     Anne Morrow Lindbergh
     Annie Edson Taylor
     Astrid Lindgren
     Barack Obama
     Barbara Bush
     Bass Reeves: First Black U.S. Deputy
     Beatrix Potter
     Benjamin Harrison
     Benjamin Spock
     Bess Truman
     Betty Ford
     Big, Bad George - George Foreman
     Blaise Pascal
     Broken Bone Champion - Evel Knievel
     Calvin Coolidge
     Cesar Chavez
     Charles Schulz
     Chester A. Arthur
     Chief Joseph
     Chris Hartwick
     Chris Van Allsburg - He Does It All
     Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson
     Cynthia Rylant
     Dame Catherine Cookson
     Dicey Langston
     Dr. Seuss
     Dreaming up Stories
     Dwight Eisenhower
     E.B. White
     Edith Roosevelt
     Edith WIlson
     Edvard Grieg
     Edward Elgar
     Eleanor Roosevelt
     Eli Whitney
     Ethel Merman
     Fall Fun!
     Florence Harding
     Frank Duryea
     Franklin D. Roosevelt
     Franklin Pierce
     G.W. Carver: Not Just Peanut Butter Cookies
     George H. W. Bush
     George W. Bush
     George Washington
     George Washington
     Gerald Ford
     Gertrude Chandler Warner
     Grace Coolidge
     Grover Cleveland
     Hank Aaron
     Hans Christian Andersen
     Harriet Beecher Stowe
     Harriet Tubman
     Harry Truman
     Harry Truman
     Helen Keller
     Helen Taft
     Henry David Thoreau
     Herbert Hoover
     Hillary Clinton
     J.K. Rowling
     Jacqueline Kennedy
     James Brown
     James Buchanan
     James Garfield
     James K. Polk
     James Monroe
     James Oglethorpe
     James Whitcomb Riley
     Jan Brett
     Jerry Spinelli: From Bat to Pencil
     Jim Henson
     Jimmy Carter
     Johanna Spyri
     John F. Kennedy
     John Tyler
     Johnny Appleseed
     Johnny Clem
     Johnny Unitas
     Jon Bon Jovi
     Judy Blume
     Julie Krone - Female Jockey
     Kate DiCamillo: Writing Is Seeing
     Kim Yu-na
     King Abdullah II
     Lara Gut
     Laura Bush
     Laura Ingalls Wilder
     Laura Ingalls Wilder
     Leif Ericson
     Lemony Snicket's Handler
     Leo Lionni
     Linda Sue Park: Family History Uncovered
     Listen to the Old Ones
     Lois Lowry
     Lonely Traveler
     Lou Hoover
     Louis Braille
     Louise Smith: The First Lady of Stock Car Racing
     Luther Burbank
     Lyndon Johnson
     Mamie Eisenhower
     Mandy Moore
     Marcel Proust
     Martin Luther King, Jr.
     Martin Van Buren
     Mary Pope Osborne
     Mata Hari, Exotic Spy?
     Matthew Henson
     Mel Blanc
     Michelle Obama
     Michelle Obama
     Millard Fillmore
     Mitsumasa Anno
     Moe Howard
     Mother Teresa
     Nancy Reagan
     Nathaniel Hawthorne
     Ole Einar Bjorndalen
     One's True Form
     P. T. Barnum
     Pat Nixon
     Patricia MacLachlan: A Sense of Place
     Pete Fountain
     Polly Horvath--Everything on a Waffle?
     Queen Elizabeth II
     Rags to Riches
     Remember Your Writing Manners
     Richard Nixon
     Richard Nixon
     Richard Peck: First Chapter Is Last
     Robert Frost
     Robert Munsch
     Ronald Reagan
     Rosa Parks
     Rosa Parks
     Rosa Parks
     Rosalynn Carter
     Rutherford B. Hayes
     Ryan Hreljac
     Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
     Sarah Hale
     School Matters
     Scott O'Dell - Stories From...
     Search for Sadako
     Sergeant Molly
     Sergey Bubka
     Shaun White
     Stories with a Twist
     The Ends of the Earth: Ann Bancroft, Polar Explorer
     Theodore Roosevelt
     Ulysses S. Grant
     Valery Brumel
     Vladimir Salnikov
     Warren Harding
     Washington Irving
     Who Is Joe Biden?
     Will Rogers
     William Clinton
     William Henry Harrison
     William Taft
     Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley
     Woodrow Wilson
     Woody Guthrie
     Yuko Kavaguti
     Zachary Taylor

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