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Simple Machines
Simple Machines

Tree House Triumph
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Print Tree House Triumph Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.18

     challenging words:    catapult, maniac, piped, logical, outdoor, refused, participate, electrical, settled, easily, supplies, thorough, boisterous, strained, onto, allow
     content words:    Nathan Bingham, Then Lauren, Then Austin

Other Languages
     French: Une triomphe dans la cabane
     Spanish: Triunfo de la Casa de árbol
     Italian: Il trionfo della casa sull'albero
     German: Baumhaus Triumph

Tree House Triumph
By Brenda B. Covert

1     Brandon, Austin, and Nathan Bingham worked with their sisters, Lauren and Meghan, to build a tree house in their backyard. Brandon, the oldest, acted as supervisor. He had given each of his siblings a job so that they could all participate, even seven-year-old Nathan. It might not have been the prettiest tree house, but it was the sturdiest. It was only five feet off the ground, but their father had refused to allow them to use it until he gave it a thorough inspection. All five had cheered when Mr. Bingham pronounced it safe and ready for use!
2     The children conducted a meeting in the shade under their new play place. "Let's decide what to put into the tree house," Brandon said to his siblings.
3     "A refrigerator!" cried Austin, the human eating machine.
4     "A TV!" piped Meghan, the cartoon maniac.
5     Brandon and Lauren both laughed. Then Lauren said, "Those things require electricity! We don't have electrical outlets in our tree house."
6     "You'll have to think of something else," Brandon added.
7     Nathan had been thinking. He was anxious to be helpful and do his fair share. "What if we put in a storage space for our play stuff?"
8     The others liked that idea. If they had shelves or a cabinet, they could keep some of their outdoor toys in the tree house. Lauren volunteered to ask their parents if there were shelves, cabinets, or storage boxes that they could have. If not, she would try to persuade them to buy something for the tree house.
9     The Bingham children were in luck! Mr. Bingham had an old wooden box with a lid in his workshop. It was the perfect size for a toy box. He had been storing some tools in it, but those tools could just as easily hang on the wall. He emptied it and gave it to Brandon, who cleaned the cobwebs and dead bugs out of it. Austin scrubbed the oil spots in it, Lauren sanded the top and edges, Meghan lined the inside with contact paper, and all of the children - Nathan included - painted it green. The girls stenciled red apples on it. They were all pleased with their efforts.

Paragraphs 10 to 20:
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Simple Machines
             Simple Machines

Arbor Day
             Arbor Day


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