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Dinosaurs Don't Do Ballet, Pt. 2

Dinosaurs Don't Do Ballet, Pt. 2
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 3 to 4
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.65

     challenging words:    Brachy, ducked, frustration, GrrAAAAAHH, know-opera, meat-eater, Miimmiimmimmii, towered, tyrannosaur, swallowed, halfway, lowered, purpose, fell, wobble, jagged
     content words:    Then Boomer

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Dinosaurs Don't Do Ballet, Pt. 2
By Toni Lee Robinson

1     The tyrannosaur's howls got louder. Brachy and Dippy slipped into the trees behind Ollie. "He scares me!" Dippy whispered from his hiding place.
2     Brachy even stopped chewing. "Watch out, Ollie!" he warned. "He looks mad!" The ground shook as Boomer came near. Ollie faced the angry meat-eater. He wedged his back between two big trees.
3     "GrrAAAAAHH!" After a really loud roar, Boomer stopped in front of Ollie. As the big head swerved close, Ollie could see Boomer's little eyes. They looked red and mean.
4     "Aren't you going to run like your friends?" he roared.
5     "I don't think so," Ollie said. The tyrannosaur towered above him. Ollie swallowed. He was glad his voice sounded steady. "What are you doing, Boomer? Why do you try to scare everyone?"
6     The tyrannosaur threw his head back. A roar of frustration thundered through the air. The meat-eater lunged forward. His little front legs thrashed above Ollie.
7     Ollie raised his head a bit. His three sharp horns pointed forward. For once, he was glad for his frill. It made a jagged wall of bone across his neck. The rest of his body was safe between the trees. Boomer's howling shook the leaves.
8     "Stop that!" Ollie yelled. His knees shook a little but his voice was firm. "Boomer! Stop roaring and tell me what is wrong."
9     The tyrannosaur's roar became a low growl. His little eyes blinked. His head swayed back and forth. Then Boomer stood still in front of Ollie. The big head lowered.
10     "I'm tired of being lonely," he said, finally. "Everyone else has friends. I don't even have a family."
11     "How can you have friends if you scare everyone off?" Dippy's voice came from the trees behind them. Brachy's head peeked out from the treetop.
12     "I started out just trying to do something special," said Boomer. "I thought someone might like me then. I really was trying to be a singer. You know—opera."
13     He cleared his throat. "Miimmiimmimmii," he sang. The sound came out halfway between a howl and a roar. Brachy ducked back behind his tree.

Paragraphs 14 to 27:
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