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Wild, Wild West
A Visit to a Ghost Town

A Visit to a Ghost Town
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 2 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.08

     challenging words:    baggy, deserted, dice, howdy, marm, pardner, roundin, rustlers, settled, bedroom, sounds, adventure, business, packing, railroad, stranger
     content words:    General Store

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A Visit to a Ghost Town
By Jane Runyon

1     Tess and Tim walked into Wendy's bedroom. "Howdy, pardner," drawled Tim. "Me and the school marm here are roundin' up strays."
2     "What's wrong with Tim?" Wendy asked Tess. "He's acting even stranger than usual."
3     "Don't mind him," answered Tess. "We just finished reading a book about a cattle town in the old west. He thinks he's the sheriff."
4     "That sounds like fun," said Wendy. "Did you like the book, too?"
5     "Yes, I did," said Tess. "We learned a lot about how the cattle were brought through the town on the way to big cities. Cowboys had to drive them from the range to the train stations."
6     "Yep," added Tim, "we cowboys had to keep a sharp eye out for rustlers."
7     Wendy had been cleaning her room. She had picked up the magic dice to move them to her desk. She had forgotten they were in her hand. So when she said, "Oh, I wish I could have seen a cattle town like that," the adventure began.
8     Wendy, Tim, and Tess found themselves outside. The dust was thick and made them cough. When they were able to see around them, they were surprised. There were no cowboys or cattle or horses. Instead they saw buildings that were deserted and falling down. There was dust everywhere.
9     "What happened?" asked Tim. "Where is the cattle town that we read about?"

Paragraphs 10 to 24:
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