Caring for Earth
Save Our Trees

Save Our Trees
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Save Our Trees
By Jennifer Kenny

1     People in a small town were fighting over the forest. Why? A builder wanted to cut down lots of trees. Some people felt this was OK. Some did not.
2     Danny asked his father, "What do you think about giving up the woods?"
3     "I don't think it's a good idea," Dad said.
4     "Why not?" Danny asked. "They grow back."
5     "They do if you plant some more. This builder is not promising to do that,' Dad said.
6     "So," Danny said, "there are lots of trees around. Anyway, he will use wood from trees to build houses. We need to cut down trees for that."
7     "You are right," Dad said. "We need trees for lumber and paper. So many trees are being cut down, though, that we are losing other things, too."
8     "What do you mean?" Danny asked.
9     "Well," Dad said, "trees give us oxygen. They help take care of some of the pollution in the air. They hold soil in place. They keep the dirt in the ground in place during storms. They help slow down floods near streams. They give wildlife, like birds, food and a place to live."

Paragraphs 10 to 16:
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