Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources

Kite Worksheets

Let's go fly a kite! But if there is no breeze and you have to stay inside, edHelper has the next best thing. Check out our activities about kites, the wind, even Ben Franklin, who discovered electricity while flying a kite. There are daily kite activities, worksheets, and printables including fiction and nonfiction reading comprehension exercises. In addition to leveled books, we also have Reader's Theater scripts to help students master their listening and speaking standards. We have something for every learner!
Kite Worksheets

Spring Activities
            Wind and Kites

Plays:  Reader's Theater Scripts
     The Kites Fly High (Grades 1-2)
     The Kite and the Cloud (Grades 3-4)

Short Reading Comprehensions
Very Quick Readers
     Out of the Box Kites (Very Quick Reader; Grades 4-5 Readability)

Short Readers
     How Does a Kite Fly? (Short Reader; Grades 3-5)
     Kite Shapes (Short Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)

Finish the Story
     The Prized Kite (Grades 3-4)
     The Kite Competition (Grades 5-6)

What would YOU do?
     Damaged Kite (Grades 3-4)

Make a Daily Kite Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans Activity Lesson Plan Book
        Daily Kite Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans Activity Lesson Plan Book

Reading Comprehensions
     Purple Dog Buys a Kite (Grade 1)
     I Think I Want to be a Kite (Grade 1)
     Stop and Think (Grade 1)
     Kara's Kite and the Big Wind (Grades 1-2)
     Suleiman Flies a Kite in a Refugee Camp (Grades 1-3)
     Kendall's Kiteboarding Adventure (Grades 7-8)

     Young Ben Franklin (Grades 3-5)
     Benjamin Franklin's Inventions (Grades 4-6)
     Snowkiting and Other Kiting Sports (Grades 4-6)
     Up, Up and Away! (Grade 5)
     Kites and Balloons Go to War (Grades 6-8)
     The Kite that Served the Navy (Grade 7)
     Benjamin Franklin (Grades 7-8)

     Frogs Flying Kites (grades 1-2)
     That Kite-eating Tree (grades 2-3)

Leveled Books
            Introduction to March
            What is Spring?
            Where is White?
            Carla Cow
            The King of Kangaroos

What Would You Do?
     Beachcombing: Finders Keepers? (Grade 3-6)

            Go Fly a Kite! (Grades 2-4)
            Let's Go Fly a Kite! (Grades 4-6)

Replying to Letters

        Kites Glyph

Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays
     Yippee! School's Out! (Grades 1-3)

Reluctant Reader Books
     ND is for North Dakota (Grade 4-6)
     WA is for Washington (Grade 4-6)

Literature Book Units
     Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares (Step Into Reading) (Grades 1-3)
     The Cat in the Hat (Grades 1-4)

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