Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources
Worksheets and No Prep Teaching Resources

Spring Worksheets

Spring is in the air and what better way for your students to celebrate than with everything from no prep workbooks, bulletin board ideas to critical thinking exercises, puzzles, books, word searches, and science projects.
Spring Worksheets


Spring Activities

Spring Analogies

Spring Bulletin Board

Spring Coloring Pages

Spring Compare and Contrast

Spring Critical Thinking

Spring Crossword

Spring Dot to Dots

Spring Drawing

Spring for Kids

Spring Glyphs

Spring Hidden Picture Puzzles

Spring History

Spring Leveled Reading Books

Spring Literature Book Units

Spring Math

Spring Maze

Spring Puzzles

Spring Reading Comprehension

Spring Science Project

Spring Word Searches

Spring Writing

Spring No Prep Book
     JK - Spring Take It Home Book

Kindergarten - Spring Take It Home Book

First Grade - Spring Take It Home Book     

Second Grade - Spring Take It Home Book     

Third Grade - Spring Take It Home Book

Fourth Grade - Spring Take It Home Book

Fifth Grade - Spring Take It Home Book

Sixth Grade - Spring Take It Home Book

Make a Daily Spring Activity Lesson Plan Book
        Daily Spring Activity Lesson Plan Book

Critical Thinking
Spring Logic Puzzle
     Plants - Logic Problem Worksheet

Spring SUDOKU Puzzles
   4 by 4 Spring Sudoku
     Very easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys)
     Easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys)

4 by 4 Spring Sudoku: Includes Hints (blank boxes have smaller pictures to pick from)
     Very easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys with hints)
     Easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys with hints)

6 by 6 Spring Sudoku
     Easy 6 x 6 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys)
     Medium 6 x 6 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys)

Spring Thinking Puzzle
     Draw a sequence of 3 different pictures (easier)
     Draw a sequence of 3 different pictures (more difficult)
     Draw a sequence of 4 different pictures (easier)
     Draw a sequence of 4 different pictures (more difficult)

Spring Crafts
            Simple Spring Crafts

Butterflies Draw the Picture
            Draw The Picture: Butterflies

Find the Differences and Ponder the Picture
            In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Motivate Book Reading - Books And Beanstalks Activity
            Books and Beanstalks

Printables for Classroom Door
            Celebrate Spring
            "Signs of Spring" Wall/Hall Decor
            Hoppy Spring, Students

Finger Flowers
            Finger Flowers

Grow A Garden
            Grow A Garden

             Spring Analogies

Analogies in Foreign Languages
     French analogies
     Spanish analogies
     Italian analogies
     German analogies

Ponder the Picture Comprehension Puzzle
             Ponder the Picture of Spring
            Ponder the Picture: Gardening

Document Based Activities
     Document Based Activities

        Spring Glyph

            A Spring Garden (Grades 2-3)
            It's Spring! (Grades 2-4)

Spring Plot the Picture
            Plot the Picture: Spring

Hidden Pictures with Math
            Spring Hidden Pictures: Solutions
            Spring Hidden Pictures

Alphabet Fun and Fill-In
            "Fill In Fantasy" (Using the Alphabet)

Compare and Contrast
        Plant Traits: Compares three unique forms of plant life (Grades 3-4)

Seasonal Ailments Traits: Compares two seasonal ailments (Grades 5-6)

Atmosphere Traits: Atmosphere Item Traits (Grades 3-4)

Insect Traits: Compare and contrast a butterfly and a moth. (Grades 1-2)

Holiday Traits: Think about the similarities and differences for these two holidays. (Grades 3-4)

Season Traits: This compares the seasons of summer and spring. (Grades 2-4)

Plants, Butterflies, and Insects
     Plants Theme Unit
     Butterflies Theme Unit
     Insects Theme Unit

Short Reading Comprehensions
Very Quick Readers
     Springtime - Outdoors Here We Come! (Very Quick Reader; Grade 2-4 Readability)
     Spring (Very Quick Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)
     A Flower Mystery: Is It a Bulb or a Corm? (Very Quick Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)

Short Readers
     A Day as a Flower (Short Reader; Grades 1-2 Readability)
     The Season of Spring (Short Reader; Grades 1-3 Readability)
     Tulips (Short Reader; Grades 2-4 Readability)
     Spring Cleaning! (Short Reader; Grade 3 Readability)
     Robins (Short Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)

     Primavera: Aire libre, ¡aquí vamos! (grades 2-4)
     Primavera (grades 3-5)
     Un misterio de flores: ¿Es un bulbo o un cormo? (grades 3-5)
     Limpieza de primavera (grade 3)
     Petirrojos (grades 3-5)

Reading Comprehensions
     Fawn Sees Spring (Grade 1)
     In Bed (Grades 2-3)
     The Winter Spring Garden (Grade 2)
     Spring Chickens (Grades 2-3)
     Alice's Spring (Grades 2-4)
     The Goose Brigade (Grades 3-4)
     Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt (Grades 4-5)
     The Butterfly's Visit (Grades 5-6)

     Plant Basics (Grades 5-7)
     Planting a Garden (Grades 5-7)
     Meat Eating Plants (Grades 6-8)

Spring Fever Week
     I'm Not Sick! (Grade 1)
     The Facts about Spring Fever (Grades 5-6)

     Cervatilla ve la primavera (grade 1)
     Gallinas de Primavera (grades 2-3)
     La Caza del Tesoro en el Vecindario (grades 4-5)
     La Visita de la Mariposa (grades 5-6)
     Nociones Básicas de las Plantas (grades 5-7)
     Plantando un Jardín (grades 5-7)
     Plantas Carnívoras (grades 6-8)
     ¡Yo No Estoy Enfermo! (grade 1)
     Datos sobre la fiebre de primavera (grades 5-6)

     Je ne suis pas malade! (grade 1)

     Non sono malata! (grade 1)

     Ich bin nicht krank! (grade 1)

Leveled Books

            Spring on the Pond
            Mysterious Flower
             Forest Seasons (PDF file)
             Spring on the Jones Farm (PDF file)
             Marv the Larv Gets His Wings (PDF file)
             It's Time for Spring! (PDF file)
             Caterpillar's Story (PDF file)
             Ladybug (PDF file)
             What is Spring? (PDF file)
             Mini Book - Spring (PDF file)
            Five Senses of Spring Mini Book
            David's Missing Grapes
            The Five Senses of Spring
        Robin and Rodney Red Breast

        A Grasshopper Grows

        Mud Pies and Fireflies

        Nigel and the Nest

        Gabby's Big Egg

        Goose on the Loose

     Kiki Loves Spring (Spanish and English)
     Spring Cleaning (French and English)
     Spring is on its way (French and English)
     Working in the Garden (German and English)
     Spring is here too early (German and English)

     First Day of Spring (grades 1-2)
     Spring Tulips (grades 1-2)

Book Units
    Chicken Said, "Cluck!" (Grades K-2)
    My Garden (Grades K-2)
    The Easter Egg (Grades K-2)
    Henry and Mudge - Puddle Trouble (Grades 1-3)
    Little Chick (Grades 1-3)
    The Gardener (Grades 1-3)
    The Vegetables We Eat (Grades 1-3)
    Frog and Toad Are Friends (Grades 2-3)
    Song Lee in Room 2B (Grades 2-4)
    Miracles on Maple Hill (Grades 3-5)
    Spring Break (Grades 4-6)

Bulletin Board
            Spring Signs
            "Butterfly Beauties" Bulletin Board
            "Spring Puts A Spring In Us!" Bulletin Board
            "Spring Things To Do..." Bulletin Board
            A Wagon of Words For Spring
            Umbrella Fella

May Day
            May Day Play

Board Game
   Spring Vocabulary Board Game

How it Happens
            "How It Happens" Baking A Cake
            "How It Happens" Growing A Garden

Science Project
    Spring Science Activity

Spring Puzzles (with pictures)
            Spring Puzzle Poster
            Springtime Puzzle Poster
        Unscramble names of spring words
     Fill-in missing letter (one missing letter)
     Fill-in missing letter (two missing letters)
     Circle names of spring words (correct spelling)
     Match names of spring with pictures
     Spring word search

     Spring with pictures puzzle book

Spring Picture Puzzles
Word Search

   Cut and paste picture
and write the word

   Circle letters
and write the word

Finish the Story
     Bob the Gnome Gets a New Home (Grades 2-4)
     Runaway Horse (Grades 2-4)
     Spring Season (Grades 3-4)
     Spring Has Sprung (Grades 3-4)
     Adventure in the Clouds (Grades 3-5)
     A Tale of Two Raindrops (Grades 3-5)
     A Spring Cleaning Surprise (Grades 3-6)
     Springtime! (Grade 4)
     Spring Hike (Grades 4-5)
     Having the Flu and a House Guest during Spring Break (Grades 4-6)

What would YOU do?
     Chasing Butterflies (Grades 3-6)

Draw and Write
Spring Draw and Write

Story Starters and Borders
Spring borders with spring story starters

            Spring Story Starters

Spring Math Facts
             Addition Math Facts with Pictures

Subtraction Math Facts with Pictures

Addition and Subtraction Math Facts with Pictures

Multiplication Math Facts with Pictures

Spring Math Worksheets
     Spring Math Word Stories (Grades 1-2)
     Spring Math Word Stories (Grades 1-2)
     Spring Math Word Stories (Grades 3-4)
     Spring Math Word Stories (Grades 3-4)
     Spring Math Word Stories (Grades 5-6)
     Spring Math Word Stories (Grades 5-6)

            "Pick a Chick"
            Double Bubble Trouble

Spring Patterns
     Draw the missing picture: 2 pictures are missing at the end (LARGER pictures)
     Draw the missing picture: 1 picture is missing anywhere in the pattern (LARGER pictures)
     Draw the missing picture: 2 pictures are missing at the end (smaller pictures)
     Draw the missing picture: 1 picture is missing anywhere in the pattern (smaller pictures)

Spring Word Wall
        Create a word wall using words from the spring theme unit

Graph Drawing Challenge Puzzle
            Bug Graph Puzzles

Spring Activities
            Flower Puzzles
            Spring Activities
             Gardening Activity Pages
            Wind and Kites
            Clowning with Clouds Drawing Page

Hidden Objects
             Flowers - Hidden Pictures (PDF file)

Coloring - Hidden Pictures
            Hidden Pictures: Seasons - Winter & Spring
            Sweet Tweet
        Spring - Hidden Pictures Coloring Book (PDF file)

            Baseball Activities Book

Spring Bugs Art Project
            Bug Basics

Spring Mazes
            Spring Mazes
            Easy Spring Mazes
            Difficult Spring Mazes
Build Spring Mazes - Make multiple mazes at once

Spring Counting
Spring Counting Puzzle

Easy Spring Dot to Dots
            Easy Dot to Dot Spring

Spring Dot to Dots
            Extreme Dot To Dots: Spring
            Challenging Dot to Dots with Number Patterns for Spring
            Challenging Dot to Dots with Number Patterns for Spring: Solutions

Dot to dots
Spring: Dot to dots (booklets - PDF files)
     Spelling (challenging)
     Alphabet (lowercase letters)
     Alphabet (CAPITALIZED letters)
     Mixed: Each page count by a different number
     Count by 1's (easier)
     Count by 1's
     Count by 2's
     Count by 3's
     Count by 4's
     Count by 5's
     Count by 6's
     Count by 7's
     Count by 8's
     Count by 9's
     Count by 10's
     Count by 25's
     Completed drawings (no dot to dots)

Spring Coloring and Graphics
     Chicks: Newborn and Couple Days Old
     Spring Coloring Page (from In Bed)
     Spring Coloring Page (from Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt)
     Coloring Book: It's Spring (PDF file)

Color Recognition - Spring Activity
            Blended Butterfly

Spring Animal Research Project
            Class Baby Barn

Spring Game
            Ready For Rain (A Color Recognition Game)

Spring Numbers Recognition Activity
            Itty Bitty Bugs

Greater Than and Less Than
            Trios of Tulips

The Four Seasons - Coloring Pages
     Winter Sled
     Spring Flowers
     Summer Swim
     Fall Apples

   Spring Counting Book (grades K-2)
     Art Project: Students can enjoy a simple spring counting book (PDF file)

Spring Art Project
            Funny Frogs

Spring Words - Practice Pages
        Trace and Write Words
     Trace and write spring words (word printed above trace letters)
     Trace and write spring words
     Complete the trace (missing letters) and write spring words

Spring Word Shapes
     Spring word shapes

Motivate Book Reading - Reading Chart
            Kite Flight Kids
            Reading Chart

Plant Crossword Puzzles
     Fruit and Vegetables (Pictures)  (includes pictures and words)
     Plant Needs and Plant Parts  (includes words)
     Plant Cells  (includes words)
     Leaves  (includes words)
     Simple Plants  (includes words)
     Plant Tissue  (includes words)
     Life Cycle of Flowering Plants  (includes words)
     Making Food  (includes words)
     Flowers and Parts of Flowers  (includes words)
     Conifers  (includes words)
     Trees: Importance and Uses of  (includes words)
     Types of Trees  (includes words)
     Parts of a Tree and Tree Growth  (includes words)
     Parasites and Meat Eaters  (includes words)
     Plants Review Printable  (includes words)

Weather Crossword Puzzles
     The Atmosphere  (includes words)
     Wind and Air Pressure  (includes words)
     Clouds  (includes words)
     Storms and Fronts  (includes words)
     Rain  (includes words)
     Seasons  (includes words)
     Thunderstorms and Tornadoes  (includes words)
     Weather Review Crossword  (includes words)

     Flowers Word Search (10 Flowers)
     Flowers Word Search (Larger Word Search!)
     Crack the Code
     Fill in the Missing Letter
     Unscramble the Words
     Circle the Correct Word
     Fill in the Missing Vowels
     Fill in the Words Puzzle

Story Starter - Write about Flowers
Give out a story starter for each student in your class with different flowers. For subscribers. - Sign up now by clicking here!

Select the number of students in your class:

Select the number of flowers to give each student:
(Optional) Enter your class name to print on the header of each page:

Enter the title for the story starter:

Enter the story prompt:

     The Four Seasons

            Spring Fractions
            Flower Fractions - Flowers and Learning about Fractions

For Door or Bulletin Board
            Grow Some Garland
            A Spring Poem

JK and Kindergarten Spring Spelling
            Springtime Spelling Bees

Spring Activity Book
            Spring Worksheets

Bulletin Board Poster
            Spring Door Poster

            Spring Syllables Workbook (Grades 1-2)
            Spring Activities Workbook (Grades 2-3)

Spring Poster
            Springtime Splashing

Rewards for Spring
            Raindrop Rewards

Spring Activity and Bulletin Board
            Spring Senses Scene

Teacher Recommendations:  Worksheet and Lesson Plan Activity Ideas


St. Patrick's Day
     St. Patrick's Day Theme

     Math Worksheets and Math Printables

Word Search
     Make Word Search Puzzles


     Money Worksheets



     Analyze Data and Graphs


     Logic Shapes: Critical Thinking Puzzles

Context Clues
     Context Clues Printables

     Spelling Words

  Fraction Worksheets and Printables: Fraction Math Worksheets
  Division Worksheets
  Adjective Worksheets
  Contractions Theme
  Civil War
  Reading Comprehension Stories and Worksheets
  Addition Worksheets
  Similes and Metaphors Printables
  Make Printable Puzzles: Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, and Critical Thinking
  Handwriting Worksheets and Handwriting Based Activities
  Space and Stars
  Bulletin Board Ideas - Bulletin Boards And Centers
  Dr. Seuss
  Classroom Helpers - Calendars
  Mathematical Sequences and Number Patterns
  Careers in Science
  American Government

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