Summer Olympics
Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans

Short Reading Comprehensions
Very Quick Readers
     Making the Medals (Very Quick Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)
     Swim to Win! (Very Quick Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)
     No More Tug of War! (Very Quick Reader; Grades 4-6 Readability)

Short Readers
     Twist and Tumble: Gymnastics at the Olympics (Short Reader; Grades 3-5 Readability)
     Wow! The Olympics Have Changed! (Short Reader; Grades 4-6 Readability)

Reading Comprehensions
     Run, Jump, and Throw (Grades 2-3)
     Lord of the Still Rings (Grades 3-4)
     Hippodrome Gold (Grades 4-5)
     Psychology and the Olympic Athletes (Grades 4-6)
     Training for the Ancient Olympics (Grades 4-6)
     Gymnastics Now and Then (Grades 5-6)
     Women in Sports (Grades 5-7)
     Olympic Diving (Grades 5-7)
     Synchronized Swimming (Grades 5-7)
     The Olympic Torch Relay (Grades 5-7)
     Olympic Swimmers (Grades 5-7)
     Olympic Swimming (Grades 5-7)
     Anabolic Steroids (Grades 5-7)
     Gymnastic Dreams (Grades 6-8)
     Ancient Greece - Olympic Games (Grades 6-8)
     The Ancient Olympics (Grades 6-8)
     Making a Sport of Running and Throwing (Grades 6-8)
     Three Day Event: The Gift Horse (Hi/Lo Grades 4-5)

Athlete Biographies
     Muhammad Ali (Grades 5-7)
     Andre Agassi (Grades 5-7)
     Abebe Bikila (Grades 5-7)
     Ethelda Bleibtrey (Hi/Lo Grades 2-3)
     Valery Brumel (Grades 3-5)
     Sergey Bubka (Grades 2-4)
     Pierre de Coubertin (Grades 9-10)
     Cathy Freeman (Grades 5-7)
     Steffi Graf (grades 5-7)
     Mia Hamm (Grades 5-7)
     Paul Hamm (Hi/Lo Grades 5-7)
     Aleksandr Karelin (Grades 3-4)
     Jesse Owens (Grades 5-7)
     Vladimir Salnikov (Grades 4-5)
     Jim Thorpe (Hi/Lo Grades 2-3)
     Johnny Weissmuller (Grades 5-7)
     Babe Didrikson Zaharias (Grades 5-7)

Activity Pages
            Olympic Games Activity Book

Ponder the Picture Comprehension Puzzle
            Ponder the Picture: Olympics

Critical Thinking
     Number of medals won (grades 5-7)

            Are You Ready to Run? (Grades 3-4)
            The Trip in Time (Grades 3-4)
            High-Flying Fun (Grades 3-4)
            You Could be an Olympic Athlete! (Grades 4-5)
            The Olympics Are Coming! (Grades 4-6)

Summer Olympics: Math (middle school and high school)
     Algebra: Number of medals won
     Summer Olympic Math (middle school math) #1
     Summer Olympic Math (middle school math) #2

     A New Olympic Sport (grades 3-5)
     I Want to be an Olympic Diver (grades 4-6)
     I Want to be an Olympic Gymnast (grades 4-6)

Summer Olympics Story Starters and Borders
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Olympics borders with Olympics writing prompts

Summer Olympics: Mazes
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Build Summer Olympics Mazes - Make multiple mazes at once

     Summer Olympics: Coloring pages

Summer Olympics: Grades 1-2
     Olympic quizzes, puzzles, and more for grades 1 to 2

Summer Olympics: Grades 3-4
     Olympic quizzes, puzzles, and more for grades 3 to 4

Summer Olympics: Grades 5-6
     Olympic quizzes, puzzles, and more for grades 5 to 6

Olympics: Countries Crossword Puzzle
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Winter Olympics
             Winter Olympics Theme Unit

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